March 8, 2016

Client Spotlight: Visual Branding for Churches

When Jeff Schmid joined Big Visual Group as a sales consultant, he immediately started reaching out to churches in the Nashville area. Church is important to Jeff, and he understood that, like any local business or community organization, churches need the ability to communicate effectively with congregations, advertise to the local community, and provide an aesthetically pleasing place to worship. Jeff quickly became passionate about helping meet the visual branding and aesthetic needs of congregations around the region.

As a churchgoer himself, Jeff took notice of the many printing and visual products needed by modern-day churches. These include wayfinding signs for attendees to know where to park and navigate the building, ADA-compliant signage, acrylic presentational pieces, acrylic brochure holders, wall wraps, dimensional logos, and banners to help advertise sermon series.

Creating A Visual Sanctuary

Big Visual recently produced and installed the interior wall graphics and signs for a new wing built by Rolling Hills Community Church in Franklin. This wing is devoted to its kids’ ministry, as seen below. As an ongoing client, Big Visual also prints and supplies the church with all of its sermon series banners.

A creative example of Big Visual’s interior branding for churches is the fabric banners that are stretched over the columns of Brentwood United Methodist Church, as seen below.

High-quality fabric banners are a popular product used by churches due to their soft look, easy interchangeability, and surprising affordability.

Not Your Typical Church Signs

Big Visual has also enjoyed the opportunity to help brand and rebrand several churches using architectural signage and environmental graphics. A unique example is Lee Chapel, for whom we produced exterior signs routed in High Density Urethane Sign Foam. The signs were installed onto the building’s stucco façade and then painted the color of the stucco to create the visual effect of being engraved into the building.

As a member of one of Brentwood Baptist’s five campuses, Jeff had the opportunity to help brand the Station Hill and Lockeland Springs campuses before they opened. Big Visual created and installed large aluminum letters for different entrances in the new buildings. Jeff also works closely with Brentwood Baptist on many of its other printing needs, including all interior signage.

Are you a part of a church in need of visual branding or other helpful communication signage? Contact Jeff today for a free quote.