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Jul 31, 2019

When it comes to shopping, most of us would prefer to shop at a store that stocks everything we need rather than spending hours trying to track down various items at multiple places. The same can be said about printing needs. Brands often take a scattershot approach by ordering business cards from a low-quality online service, packaging from a different vendor, and advertising and marketing materials from a third provider. This multi-faceted approach to a unified print identity isn’t an ideal way to go. If you’re wondering what a one-stop printing shop can do for your brand, we have three compelling reasons you should find a great print partner and stick with them.

1. Consistency is Key

The main downfall of working with several different vendors for printing needs is that it’s impossible to keep the consistency you need for solid brand recognition. Using several different shops also increases the risk of getting a product with flimsy construction, execution, or installation. While one bad experience may seem innocuous, the damage a poor print product can do to your brand is a very real possibility. Human minds combine and conflate things all the time. It only takes one experience with a pixelated poster or a banner torn to shreds before customers start associating your logo with poor quality.

2. A Relationship Built on Trust

Working with one single vendor for your printing needs means you’ll build a strong relationship with a quality printer. This can be absolutely essential during crunch times in your industry. If you need a suite of graphics for a trade show, a huge billboard to feature a positive review, or event-specific signage, you’ll want a partner you can depend on. Sticking with a single provider means your logo, colors, and previous projects are on file, allowing you to repurpose graphics or tweak existing files with minimal difficulty. That’s a huge advantage if you need high-quality products with a quick turnaround. That was the case when the Nashville Predators made the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Within hours, the Predators contacted us to let us know they needed some large-format banners for playoff season, and as the official sign and print partner of the Predators, we were ready for action. Within a few days, we had printed and installed a huge banner on Bridgestone Arena to help hype up fans for the first few playoff games.

3. A Creative Partnership

The best print provider is one that’s ready to partner with you on all your creative endeavors. Working with a full-service print shop means that everything from huge, high-quality window graphics to smaller, flexible marketing materials can be ordered and picked up all at the same place. Using a single vendor also ensures that your logo stays consistent, including the shape and color. If you have a logo with a memorable color or suite of colors, it’s important that it consistently looks the same—no matter the material. After all, a brand’s signature color can boost brand recognition by 80%, so it’s important to keep that hue on point.

Quality Printing for All Your Branding Needs

Big Visual Group’s team of agency-level designers, experienced manufacturers, meticulous installers, and knowledgeable sales representatives can provide a seamless experience from start to finish for every printing project. Let us help you determine the style, design, and materials that will help your business make a stunning first impression. Set up an appointment with our experts to get the process started today.

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