We’re Nashville’s #1 Wayfinding Signage Company

Mar 26, 2018

How do I get to the fifth floor? Where is the company boardroom? Where are the bathrooms?

Wayfinding is a type of signage that helps navigate the way. The concept is as simple as that, but finding a helpful wayfinding signage company might be harder than you think.

Big Visual Group has created these types of signs in many shapes and forms, always taking each client’s brand standards and target audiences into consideration. Everything from a name tag on your office door to a directory sign in an office building is classified as wayfinding signage and can make quite the impression on your visitors.

Take Nissan Stadium’s parking lot signage as an example—a very important part of any event venue. The stadium’s parking lot signage is now larger, easier to see, and consistent with the other Nissan branded materials.

“We’ve made sure the Nissan brand is infused into every part of the stadium, from the largest to the smallest sign,” said Ryan Payne, Big Visual Group’s Special Projects Manager. “We want the brand to look consistent and do its job, which is to tell the guest where to go. At the end of the day, wayfinding signage efforts must be straightforward and legible, but the branding is still extremely important.”

If branding Nissan Stadium wasn’t enough, we are also proud to be the CMA Music Festival’s signage and print partner. For this monstrous music event, wayfinding can be a challenge—especially when competing with the street and road signs that are already in place. Yet, we’re always up for a challenge, and we’ve pulled out all the stops each year to ensure that festival-goers can easily find their way around Music City.

For CMA Music Festival’s wayfinding signage, we made sure the signs were large, easily spotted from far away, and stood out against the vivid and decorated background of downtown Nashville. Signs were strategically-placed and thoughtfully-designed with all of this in mind. At this year’s event, 85% of the audience were out of town guests, so our directional guidance was imperative.

Our team made sure all the sign textures, typefaces, and colors were consistent with the CMA Music Festival’s brand standards, too—all while still knowing it was a top priority to keep people going in the right direction.

Our abilities as a wayfinding signage company span beyond stadiums and festivals. We also create permanent signage for buildings. TechnologyAdvice is a Nashville-based company that tasked our team with creating wayfinding signs for its remodeled office. The project featured a large monument sign for the exterior of the building to help visitors find their way from the roadway to the building. Once customers are inside the building, directory signage will take them to their desired spot.

This project came to Big Visual Group from a previous job well done. A few years ago, we did a sign for TechnologyAdvice’s former office. The company liked it so much that they kept the original sign and did the remodeling and new signage around it. Now, that’s a compliment, as this was a direct result of our team producing a high-quality sign and our client being so impressed by our services that they called us again! Needless to say, we are honored when people think of Big Visual Group for their projects time and again.

And, you can start this kind of relationship with us, too. We will be more than a vendor. We will be your sign and print partner to help your company make an impression, increase visibility, and stand out. Through our strategic concepting and design process, we’ll work with you to identify your business needs and guide you through an easy, turnkey system to create custom wayfinding signage and many more products. Contact us today to get noticed!

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