Everything to Know about the SERVPRO 2024 Trade Show

May 8, 2024

Make a Great First Impression

We all know by now that first impressions are everything. As the trade show season approaches, it is more important than ever to have an excellently curated display that engages with prospective customers and addresses their needs and desires. At Big Visual, we specialize in making big first impressions. Read on to learn more about our specific products and offerings that will enhance your trade show presence and bring the right customers directly to you.

The next trade show Big Visual will attend is the SERVPRO 2024 Trade Show conference in Nashville, TN in July. The SERVPRO trade show is the ultimate opportunity to network with other industry professionals and receive a prime opportunity to rub shoulders with franchise owners and representatives from around the nation.

Our Relationship with SERVPRO

Over the years, we have poured into our relationship with SERVPRO, establishing a mutually beneficial working relationship. Big Visual Group is a preferred vendor for SERVPRO, a fire and water cleanup and restoration company. SERVPRO franchises from around the country entrust us to handle their printing and signage needs. We have produced all types of products for them, including, but not limited to, vehicle wraps, yard signs, banners, flags, and store decor. At this year’s event, we will have a large booth and a feature area where we will be wrapping SERVPRO marketing vehicles over the course of 2 days.

Our aim for the trade show is to inform the franchise about all the sign and print offerings we have for them which are available via a dedicated SERVPRO purchasing site. This site has many products that have been pre-approved by SERVPRO Corporate. This is a mandatory process that aids the brand in remaining consistent in application and production from franchise to franchise. We work with them as a “Preferred Vendor” in their franchise program and aim to grow our product catalog in creative ways to serve all of their visual and marketing needs.

Benefits of Purchasing Sites

Our relationship with SERVPRO has set the stage for how we intend to operate in other client relationships. Creating a dedicated product purchasing site for them has been an exciting and productive process; one we are happy to recreate with other clients. Customized purchasing sites provide our customers with a curated buying experience that takes their specific needs and interests into account. This provides a seamless experience and ensures they feel valued and prioritized. Curated purchasing sites result in less shopping around for our clients while maintaining brand consistency and control all while building a healthy client relationship with Big Visual Group.

Our Product Offerings

We offer a wide range of display and visual products to enhance the presence of our customers wherever they choose to implement them. The below list details the types of products we offer and how to utilize them to stand out at your next event.

Custom Modular Display

Create a show-stopping presence with a custom modular display that’ll attract the attention you desire. We can create any trade show booth configuration you need to show off your products at your next event.

Tabletop Display

It doesn’t get much simpler than a great looking tabletop display. With our customizable tabletop products, you can drive your message home in just a glance. So set the table and serve up some great looking visuals!

Tablecloths & Runners

Brand your booth with these popular trade show display accessories. Table runners and throws give you a refined look. It’s an easy and affordable way to brand and market your company at any event.

Hanging Displays & Signs

Just because your display needs to travel, doesn’t mean you can’t hang eye-catching signs above your booth. We have many tricks and products with unlimited possibilities that ensure you stand out from your competitors.

Trade-Show Display Rentals

Need a temporary solution for a trade-show booth? Rent short-term trade show displays and avoid the hassle of storing and transporting a permanent display. Our convenient Nashville location makes it easy!

Banner Stands

Set up your brand’s message whenever and wherever you want with any one of our sturdy and easy-to-use banner stand products.

Pop-up Fabric Frames

Our fabric pop-ups and frame systems provide you with the highest level of versatility, allowing you to temporarily change the look of a space while giving it the appearance of a permanent new look.

Trade-Show Booths

We’ll work with you to create a complete trade show display that is a well-oiled machine – easy to set up, easy to take down, and easy to spread your message. See some of our many, many options, then reach out to us to get started.

Fabric Backdrops & Displays

These items are portable, colorful and durable. Using the latest in dye-sublimation printing technology, our fabric backdrops and displays will grab attention with their vibrant and elegant photographic imaging.

Streamline Your Brand Identity

Are you ready to finally streamline your brand identity and walk into your next event already a success? Customize your trade-show space with the help of one of our identity experts at Big Visual Group. We’ll do our best to make sure you stand out from your competitors. Get a quote today and learn how your business can be the star of the show at your next trade-show event.

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