April 18, 2019

5 Ways To Showcase Your Undying Predators Loyalty

There’s no question about it. You can feel the excitement in Nashville during the NHL hockey season—especially during the playoffs. For the past few years, the Nashville Predators have been dominating the ice, and fans are demonstrating their pride in great numbers. Maybe you’ve noticed the signs hanging on the walls of every bar in town, and banners plastered across walls and buildings. Nashville knows how to support a team, and we see strong evidence of hometown pride each year as the action on the ice heats up.  

Being number 1 in the Central Division feels pretty good, and Music City must keep up the momentum in order for the hometown team to clinch the playoffs and start the march towards the Stanley Cup. As the official sign and print partner for the Nashville Predators, we’re experts in knowing how to honor and motivate the greatest team in the league.

For example, we printed the large-format banner pictured above to hang outside the front entrance of Bridgestone Arena (Cellblock 303, anyone?). Want to stake your claim as Smashville’s biggest booster at your business? Follow our lead.

Place an A-Frame Sign Outside Your Business

Sturdy and cost-effective, A-Frame signs are a classic way to communicate a clear message. If you run a business, invest in several to line the sidewalk outside your bar or restaurant. When fans are roaming around looking for a place to catch the game, let them know they’ve found a friendly place. Since every TV in your restaurant will be turned to the game, let them know they can fuel up without missing a minute.

Proudly Display Your Support with Banners

You know what you and your customers need for inspiration, even during the off-season? A giant banner of the team, a player’s number, or Predators graphics to remind you that miracles do exist. Plus, the banner can do double-duty if you’re headed to Bridgestone. Just think how the players will feel when you wave a banner in the middle of a game. You could single-handedly help us clinch the Central Division crown.

Catch The Eye of Every Passer-By

floor graphics at a sports stadium

If your business is friendly to foot traffic, a punchy sidewalk graphic can draw the attention of Predators fans as they walk by. There’s plenty of opportunity to get creative with this. Since sidewalk graphics are viewed sequentially, think of three or four graphic images you could lay side by side to generate interest. You could pay tribute to the team roster, or showcase the words of a Pred’s chant. Three or four simple words (“Stand with Us”, “Let It Be,” or “Gold On The Ceiling”) will send a true fan from the sidewalk to your doorstep in seconds.

Take Your Support On The Road

Your car takes you everywhere you need to go. Give it a chance to rep the team you love best with a custom vehicle wrap. Why not let everyone see your hardcore support for the greatest team in the NHL? If that’s a little too much commitment for you, we suggest a magnetic decal. Backed with a super strong magnet, this will stick to your car until you remove it during the off-season. (Or, keep it on all year round to stay hyped. We won’t judge.)

Use Big Banners and Smaller Swag

Our specialty is print projects with a big impact, but we’ve also got the ability to print a suite of smaller swag if it helps you support the Predators. Let fans know your business is a full-time Smashville booster by printing custom swag items to let everyone know who you’re pulling for. It’s a great way to build community and goodwill with rabid hockey fans. (Hey, they’re good to have on your side.)

Score a Visual Hat Trick

celebrate the playoffs with great signage

Our agency-level designers can help you craft pro-Predators branded materials to bring in superfans. Contact us today to create no-hassle, high return visuals for the playoffs and the off-season.