September 27, 2016

Sidewalk Graphics

Use a Sidewalk Graphic for Your Next Billboard!

Your audience is already walking on sidewalks, so why not grab their attention while they are strolling around with an eye-catching sidewalk graphic?

Sidewalk graphics are a type of floor decal that are specifically made for exterior spaces. This product can be used for many needs, including promotion of an event or product and directing people to a final destination. They are also a good safeguard which helps prevent people from slipping on the sidewalk. Sidewalk graphics really do work to get multiple jobs done at once!

We are proud to work with the Country Music Hall of Fame, as it is a landmark in Music City and a historic part of the country music industry. The Country Music Hall of Fame has fourteen sidewalk graphics around downtown that they periodically rotate to promote various exhibits or events. These graphics get tons of foot traffic since they are placed throughout the heart of downtown Nashville. What better way to promote your message than by placing something in the path that your customers will be walking down anyways?

Alan Jackson Sidewalk Graphic
Eric Church Sidewalk Graphic
Keith Urban Sidewalk Graphic
Hatch Show Print Sidewalk Graphic

The mother church of country music, Ryman Auditorium, is another special landmark in Nashville that uses Big Visual Group to create their sidewalk graphics. As you can see in the photos below, they have used our sidewalk graphics to both direct people to their auditorium and promote their brand.

Ryman Auditorium Sidewalk Graphic
Ryman Auditorium Sidewalk Graphic

Sidewalk graphics can come in any shape or form that you desire. Let your imagination run free, because, with our team’s capabilities, we can create almost anything you wish. We are eager to help you reach your audience with sidewalk graphics, and we are ready to help execute your ideas across town!