May 13, 2019

How to Stand Out in a Hot Real Estate Market

As the weather starts to warm up, so will the housing market. And, while some cities will see a drop in growth, Nashville will remain in the top ten housing markets in the US, along with Murfreesboro and Franklin. That’s why it’s important to start strategizing now to ensure your brand has high visibility during the spring selling season. When it comes to visibility, maintaining a physical presence in hot neighborhoods is essential. As the number of for-sale properties rises, signs multiply on every street. Having signage that stands out among the crowd is a surefire way to get noticed by interested homebuyers.

Temporary Real estate signage

  1. Invest in physical signs. You spend money on photography, staging, and building a strong online presence for your properties. But, the impact of physical signage can’t be overstated—especially in popular neighborhoods. In a strong real estate market, buyers are looking for houses others haven’t found yet, and “Coming Soon” signs often go up before MLS listings do. Your company can attract highly-motivated and engaged buyers by strategically using physical signage. In highly-trafficked and desirable neighborhoods, the right sign can complement your online presence and listings.
  2. Plan to use a variety of signs. If you work in both commercial and residential real estate, it’s important to recognize that you’ll need varied signage for both types of properties. However, it’s key that your logo remains properly sized and crisply printed, even on large, colorful banners or small, in-yard signs. Try to recognize opportunities to use your brand imagery inside properties, as well as outside. Consistent reinforcement of your brand can help consumers begin associating your logo with quality and increases the chances that they’ll engage with your company or intentionally seek out properties that you represent.
  3. Ensure you have a unified visual message across all platforms. Buyers and sellers feel an innate trust for brands that they see often during the day. Every single property your company sells should use it as an opportunity to build brand familiarity, particularly in popular neighborhoods. Your logo and branding on each physical piece should be clear, well-made, and solidly installed. Nothing says “unprofessional” like stretched graphics, pixelation, hard-to-read color contrasts, or flimsy materials. Using cheap or bargain signs sends a message to buyers and sellers that you aren’t willing to pay close attention to detail. When it comes to real estate, that’s not an association you want to build in a customer’s mind.
  4. Work with a trusted partner who has experience in real estate. When Cushman & Wakefield came to us for a visual rebrand and site-specific signage updates, they knew we understood the industry. After all, we had worked with them during two previous rebrandings, delivering solid construction and visual impact across every platform. Ultimately, our team of agency-level designers was able to provide a suite of signs for all the spring and summer market needs.



Let us help you determine the style, design, and materials that will help your business grab the attention of cyclists, dog walkers, and drivers. As you juggle the needs of those interested in your properties, we can handle all your branding and signage needs. Set up an appointment with our experts to get the process started today.