4 Reasons to Update Your Office Signs

Apr 18, 2019

When office signs are dated or worn, it’s obvious. Sagging banners, fading ink, and old logos can deter clients from being inspired by or engaging with a company. Although it may seem secondary to the essential work your brand is providing, signage is actually the first point of contact for your clients. It’s the very first thing they see at an office visit and the last thing in their rearview mirror as they drive away. The first and last moments of any sales encounter are important to get right. The last thing you want clients to see is a threadbare banner bidding them farewell. Most companies prioritize regular physical updates to the office, but signage is often an afterthought.

If you’re considering an update to your space, well-placed signs can clarify the purpose of a space or provide information to employees and visitors. Here are a few more ways updated signage can transform your workspace.

Let All Employees and Visitors Know They’re Welcome and Valued

Thanks to the pioneering work done by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and incentives from the Department of Labor, more and more companies are seeing the value in hiring employees with disabilities. As the number of workers with disabilities increases, organizations must make sure their workplaces are accessible for all their employees. This means providing ramps and elevators to upper levels, making sure restrooms are ADA-compliant, as well as moving light switches, water fountains, and electric outlets to provide access for all individuals. When an office is fully designed or retrofitted for all bodies, it’s important to communicate this fact for clarity and ease of movement. ADA-compliant signage must provide braille for visually impaired individuals, utilize materials with low glare, and select a high-contrast, easy-to-read font with specific character spacing.

Installation is also an important concern. Signs must be installed no higher than 60 inches maximum from the floor. Providing wayfinding and informational signage promotes a workplace that values visitors and employees. If you’ve recently upgraded your office’s accessibility, updating your signage to reflect that will help all people to feel welcome in your workplace. Find a company that handles installation, as well as design and fabrication, to make sure every step of the process is done correctly.

Solidify Your Brand Identity With Exceptional Office Signs

When you’re just starting out, harmonizing your visual identity is essential to creating unified messaging about your goals and purpose as a brand. Whether they realize it or not, consumers are reassured by consistent visual imagery that is used across multiple platforms. Matching letterhead to signage and signage to web presence signifies stability, solidity, and internal consistency. If you have a new logo or you’re looking to refresh your visual identity, investing in signs that showcase that logo help build trust and familiarity in a client’s mind.

Updated signs can also build employee pride for your organization. Conventional wisdom states that you should dress for the job you want. Updating office signage can allow your workplace to dress for the clients you want. The pride taken in physical surroundings will be passed on to the employees who inhabit the space. In business, a logo is a symbol of the identity of your organization. Using that logo in multiple spaces emphasizes the consistency of that identity in a visual way. No matter where they are in a space, visitors and workers will be reminded of the values that your brand stands for and your commitment to living out those values.

Improve Wayfinding At Your Office With New Signs

At your home, you know that the third step squeaks and that the closet door has to be pulled out and to the right before it will close. Wayfinding in an office is similar. Workers who interact with the environment on a daily basis can quickly find the most efficient routes from space to space. (That’s the reason the grass never grows on that one section of lawn that leads from the conference room to the cafeteria.) On large campuses or complexes, the difficulty for newcomers increases exponentially. As visitors attempt to navigate the location, clear signage must assist and guide them. Any frustration with identifying parking, entrances, exits, and finding particular spaces will intensify if signs are confusing or unclear. You don’t want that frustration to be associated with your brand. A space must function for all the people who inhabit it—not just the daily users. Work with a partner who takes time to analyze your space from an objective, third-party perspective. This will allow you to identify possible trouble spots or areas of confusion. We’ve spent many hours touring large building sites and reviewing architectural plans, piecing together the simplest, clearest wayfinding tools for existing workplaces or new construction.

Highlight an Event or Celebrate a Milestone With Office Signs

When many people consider office signage, they tend to think of permanent installation pieces, however, banners, signs, and other branded materials are great ways to highlight an event or to celebrate a milestone. If your sales team hit a quarterly goal or your development department brought in an unprecedented fundraising amount, you can celebrate that communal achievement with a bright banner. The purpose of using this type of sign achieves two goals. First, it shows your employees that you recognize their hard work and achievements. Promoting a culture of recognition increases employee satisfaction and retention. Also, the act of celebrating a reached goal in a visibly public way also advertises your expertise to visiting clients. It’s a subtle way to proclaim the accomplishments of your team without having to mention those accomplishments verbally. Signage is also a fantastic way to highlight an event at your workplace. If you partner with a trusted signage company that uses high-quality materials, these signs can be used as perennial resources, brought out several years in a row for repeating events.

Solid Guidance For Any Office Signs Refresh

It sounds simple, but bold, bright images of your company logo in key spaces sends a message to your client that you value the details. We want to help you make the best impression possible with potential customers. With our six-step process, you’ll meet with our experienced, on-staff designers. From there, we’ll work together to build a suite of signs that unify your office space. Since we handle all printing and installation, we can ensure consistent oversight for the entire endeavor. Set up a meeting with us today to start the process.

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