January 24, 2018

5 Ways to Attract More Tourists to Your Business

Y’all, Nashville tourism is booming! Thanks to our long established music scene that is now augmented by successful city sports teams, an explosion of restaurant and brewery destinations and the city’s willingness to invest in the tourism by opening the Music City Convention Center, hosting countless festivals and attracting a new MLS soccer team, Nashville remains a hot travel destination.

So how do you attract the travelers and get them to visit your establishment? As Nashville’s premier sign and print shop, we have some advice to help you deliver your message in a competitive marketing landscape. Here are five tactics to catch the eye of Nashville tourists.

Sidewalk Graphics

Your audience is already exploring the city via sidewalks, so why not grab their attention while they are strolling around with an eye-catching sidewalk graphic? Sidewalk graphics are a type of floor decal that is specifically made for exterior spaces. This product can be used for many needs, including promotion of an event or product, and directing people to a final destination.

We are proud to work with the likes of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Ryman Auditorium, and Hatch Show Print as they are Music City landmarks.

See how the Country Music Hall of Fame has put sidewalk graphics to use. They have sidewalk graphics around downtown that they periodically rotate to promote various exhibits or events. These graphics get tons of foot traffic since they are placed throughout the heart of downtown Nashville. What better way to promote your message than by placing something in the path that your customers will be walking down anyways?

Airport Ads

Impress visitors at the top of the funnel as they wait for luggage or a ride to their hotel. Nashville’s airport offers backlit display ads served to over 1 million passengers a month. We can help you design the perfect ad for a backlit display to catch the eye of travelers and entice them to add your location to their itinerary.

Be Visible at Special Events

Nashville is no stranger to festivals, and neither is the staff at Big Visual Group. Our live events team has worked with festivals like Bonnaroo and the CMA Fest, and we have truly developed the design, production, and installation expertise needed to “wow” attendees.

It makes sense to have a presence at the special events that are drawing tourists to our city. One thing we’ve learned is that you can really get creative and go beyond a banner to advertise your brand at an event. Whether it’s a tent at a music festival where you are handing out samples or a simple sponsorship of the event itself, we will help you tell your brand’s story in a way that will engage attendees.

Get Discovered in Crowded Spaces

After the airport, there are a few spots where it makes sense to invest in ads. Lower Broadway, the Music City Center, Bridgestone Arena, and Nissan Stadium come to mind. The trick is to get your brand name to stand out in these message-saturated areas.

We are experts in helping our clients showcase their brand’s identity, maximize visual impact, and make a big impression in Music City. Let us help you stand out so tourists will know who you are, what you offer, and where they can find you.

Optimize for Word of Mouth and Buzz

Social media has changed the marketing game. So many people now get recommendations about your business from a friend or acquaintance on social media that you have to make an effort to earn your way onto social feeds. One way to do that is to optimize your physical space to inspire more photos. People love documenting their travel adventures and discoveries on social media, so why not make it easy for them?

Boost your customers’ experience by providing the perfect setting for them to snap a photo and share their status, and increase your brand exposure online.

Make this the year that you boost your sales by capitalizing on the tourism boom in Music City. Get in touch with us, and we will put our expertise to work to deliver the highest quality products that make your brand stand out in the marketplace.