The 3 Keys to Successfully Rebranding a Company

Jan 22, 2018

The process of rebranding a company is often an exciting, yet daunting, transition for many businesses. Unfortunately, the presence of a new logo doesn’t immediately replace the existence of the old one.

As our founder, Scott Snoyer, puts it, “Logistics is the hardest part.” He would know as we just rebranded our own company.

To complete a full rebrand, you must pinpoint all the locations and materials where the old brand exists, survey for changes, and replace with a newly branded product. Many times, this process encompasses multiple buildings and plenty of forgotten corners.

This is where Big Visual Group comes in. Our rebranding assets include a team of highly communicative project managers, a large staff of design and print specialists, years of experience, and the best technological resources. Our goal for every client that is rebranding a company is to help the visual elements fit seamlessly with the new identity, utilizing our expertise and products.

Companies that rebrand are often hoping to reposition themselves in the market. We understand that changing a brand identity is less of a task and more of a complex marketing move. As specialists in visual branding, we account for this and provide strategic insight for maximizing your market potential. We consider these 3 C’s key to a successful rebrand:

1. Communication

Andie Applegate, a sales consultant at Big Visual Group, said that “a lot of the rebranding process is communicating well with the client.”

Big Visual Group is there from start to finish, and the communication process frequently includes going over proofs, helping make judgment calls, and talking through product use, placement, and more.

Our project managers make sure deadlines are hit, all signs are accounted for, and proofs go through production without any hiccups.

2. Consideration

Some rebrands, like transitioning LP Field into Nissan Stadium, are true start-to-finish, concept-to-installation, branding projects for Big Visual.

“We changed all the logos, but we also brought the brand to life with a variety of strategic environmental graphics,” Snoyer said.

Other rebrands Big Visual Group has undertaken include multiple-location companies, national commercial real estate companies, and local small businesses.

For example, Big Visual recently worked with Asurion to roll out a logo change across multiple facilities nationwide. The new logo, color palette, and branded designs included wall murals, etched glass vinyl, and dimensional graphics that Big Visual produced in-house. We then coordinated installation at each location, which brings us the next “C” of rebranding.

3. Consistency

After launching a company rebranding effort, Big Visual worked closely with Asurion to create and produce consistent brand elements for all locations. Things considered for guaranteed consistency included:

  • The same materials being utilized at each location
  • Wall graphics being designed with a consistent look and feel, realizing the finished product size would vary by location
  • All ADA and wayfinding signage was kept uniform

By working closely with the client and following the new standards that had been set, Big Visual Group was able to keep all branding across all locations consistent, leaving the client pleased with the end result.

If you’re considering a rebrand, don’t hesitate to ask us for an expert opinion. We’ll start by assessing your existing assets, scheduling a consultation to learn how you’d like things to ultimately look, and then providing customized suggestions. Once we see the big picture, we’ll get to work on all the details to bring your vision to life.

Contact us to discuss your branding needs today.

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