February 23, 2016

Product Spotlight: Silicone Edge Graphics

In recent years, the process for printing and installing fabric graphics has greatly improved with the technology of Silicone Edge Graphics. This product is a vibrant, lightweight, and seamless way to display your brand’s imagery without the more permanent commitment of vinyl or other hard graphics.

What is a Silicone Edge Graphic exactly? It’s a tension fabric that has a thin silicone strip sewn on the edges, helping it effortlessly slide into frames. The fabric is printed through a dye sublimation process, creating a high-quality image. You’ve likely seen Silicone Edge Graphics at an event and just not known what they were.

The photo below shows a large-format Silicone Edge Graphic we installed for the Nashville Predators. As you can see, it imitates vinyl but is much less permanent and provides a softer look. These graphics are also commonly used for pressroom backdrops, because they prevent glare in photos and film coverage.

Nashville Predators Fabric Graphic

What you’ll notice here is that the Silicone Edge Graphic also has a less visible frame. From a design perspective, these displays are ideal because they are seamless, vibrant in color, and require minimal hardware. The frames that the silicone edges slide into are often thin and understated, providing a pleasing visual result.

Below is a photo from Brentwood United Methodist Church, which recently redecorated its facility. The church originally had open columns and wanted to be able to install graphics that were interchangeable, cost-effective, and easy to store away. Silicone Edge Graphics were the perfect fit, as they not only hold all these qualities, but also have a softer look that would better fit the aesthetic of the church.

Church Fabric Graphics

So, next time you need a graphic display that is easily changeable, easy to fold up and store, and also supremely sturdy with a high-quality matte look, consider the advanced option of Silicone Edge Graphics. We’d love to custom-create a display fit for your needs.