December 12, 2016
Tagged In: Printing Services

Product Spotlight: Fabric Frames

Fabric frames, also known as silicon edge fabric frames, have a frameless look and a lasting impression. This product can feature almost anything you want printed on the fabric, which will then be combined with the frame. The overall product always looks sharp and is tight from edge to edge. It gives you the infinity frame look because the profile of the frame is very minimal.

An interesting feature of this product is that it can be assembled by anyone. No tools are needed, and the product is easy to put together. The ease of use allows the product to be put up quickly for any occasion. Also, to make sure we meet all of our customer’s needs, we offer three best-in-class fabric framing options, which are the REXframe®, Triga Tension-Fabric System, and Matrix System.

Fabric frames can be applicable in many situations, but we see the most use of this type of product in the retail, events, and corporate industries. Retails stores and franchises will sometimes utilize them in their showrooms. Corporations might use them to do rotating promotions in their office. Fabric frames are very common at events, as well, for things such as red carpet events.

The 50th Annual CMA Awards were held in Nashville recently, and we produced fabric frames for the special event. This was the perfect product for their event because the fabric frames stood out amongst the large crowd, and they were built in a timely manner for the event.