Outdoor Medical Office Signs That Will Cure Your Woes

Apr 23, 2019

If you work in healthcare, you’ve likely noticed the rise in patient satisfaction surveys that individuals are asked to complete after they receive care at a hospital, medical office, or other medical facilities. These surveys ask respondents to describe the sterility, hygiene, friendliness, clarity, and level of compassion they experienced when visiting a practitioner. These patient surveys are then compiled and analyzed, then large-scale institutional changes are made based on the aggregate data.

One item that’s appearing more often on patient satisfaction surveys has to do with something simple but essential: healthcare signage. As increased research shows, patients arrive at a medical facility with heightened stress levels. Small stressors, such as parking, medical insurance difficulties, long wait times, and insufficient signage all increase patient distress, which can negatively affect patient outcomes. To alleviate this impact on patients, healthcare facilities should consider the importance of well-designed and properly-placed signage solutions.

Install a Striking Monument Sign

Arriving at a large hospital or medical office often means traversing roads, sidewalks, and then a busy parking lot. When it comes to choosing outdoor medical office signs, a large monument sign will serve as a guidepost, signpost, and North Star to patients making their way to medical care and treatment. Beautiful, thoughtfully-installed architectural signs can establish the building’s identity and connect it to other locations under the same healthcare provider umbrella.

For best results, you’ll need a healthcare sign that will stand up to the elements while also being aesthetically pleasing and aligned. Monument signs require extra care and planning because they must be designed with existing topography, landscaping, and location in mind. Install can be complicated and shouldn’t interfere with the functioning of the facility if it’s already in use. Using a separate sign creator and installer can lead to miscommunication and inefficient or unsafe installation. Find a sign partner who has years of experience in installing large-scale architectural and monumental signage, especially for hospitals.

Welcome Patients with Bold Building Wraps and Colorful Murals

The work that doctors and healthcare professionals provide for their patients can be truly life-changing, not to mention life-preserving. For larger healthcare facilities or well-respected specialists, patients can arrive from miles away for help with an illness or condition. Clear and informative outdoor medical office signs such as Building wraps, allow a healthcare facility to transmit a message of reassurance, confidence and hope to patients as they approach the building. Large photos of real patients or statistics about incredible patient outcomes can be deeply reassuring to someone going through an illness.

Using murals on large blank spaces is another way to transform the look and feel of a medical facility. Childrens’ hospitals, in particular, often raise the bar in this area. Their patients are among the most vulnerable and frightened. Warm, welcoming images can transform the experience of their treatment, calming them, and preparing them to meet with their healthcare team.

Building wraps and banners can also build anticipation if a hospital is undergoing major renovations. Large medical centers are often located in a city center, with thousands of pedestrians and vehicles passing by on a daily basis. When privacy fences go up, it’s worth considering what images those people will see. Use it as an opportunity to spread the word about innovative patient care that’s happening inside and the updated facilities that are still to come.

Upgrade to Digital Signage

There are several advantages to switching some signs over to digital displays. One major advantage is that information on a digital sign can be updated instantaneously. This helps on several levels. First, if there are staff, doctor, or practice relocations, this information can be quickly changed without the need to construct entirely new directory signage. This is especially helpful for temporary moves due to renovations or relocations. Normally, that type of facility movement would require the temporary use of several signs on multiple levels so that patients can locate the correct office. However, with the use of digital signs for healthcare, temporary, or permanent relocations can be changed in minutes, keeping a steady flow of well-informed patients. In the world of healthcare, accurate and timely information can make a huge difference in patient outcomes. Digital signage is an easy way to make sure even the smallest details aren’t a cause of friction at a facility.

Does Your Healthcare Signage Need a Check-Up?

It’s true: outdated or inaccurate outdoor medical office signs can make your facility look a little under the weather. Clear, updated signs communicate the presence of a competent and confident healthcare provider. With our on-staff design team and experienced site installation experts, we can help provide you with signage solutions that reflect the high quality of care you provide for all your patients. Contact us any time to schedule an audit of your current healthcare signage, where we’ll assess any opportunities for providing a more seamless experience for patients.

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