Architectural Signage – More Than A Simple Sign

Oct 17, 2017

Your building is a blank canvas. By integrating sign design with brand identity, environmental decor, and wayfinding, Big Visual Group turns it into an aesthetically pleasing work of art that represents who you are and how you are different from the competition.

What is Architectural Signage?

At its most basic, architectural signage describes custom signs or sign systems that aid in branding, identification, and wayfinding as it compliments and enhances the surrounding environment.

What Materials Are Used For Architectural Signage?

You’ll be happy you’re working with a full-service and experienced sign company like Big Visual Group when it comes time to pick the materials for your architectural signage project. It’s such a critical step with many options.

Wood, metal, glass, and plastic can all be used, but the environment where the sign will live and the desired aesthetics of the sign will often dictate what material to use.

What Products are Commonly Used For Architectural Signage?

Big Visual Group provides architectural signage using many different products. Be sure to inquire about signage packages for new construction, remodels, building enhancements and branded environments, or select from the list below:

  • ADA-compliant signs
  • Wayfinding and directional signage
  • Monument signage
  • Engraving and braille
  • Etched glass vinyl
  • Visual magnetic graphics systems
  • Dimensional signs and graphics
  • Wall graphics
  • Regulatory signs

What Are The Features of Architectural Signs?

What makes an architectural sign different from other commercial signage products? In a nutshell, it’s the level of customization and detail that goes into creating the sign. Architectural signs are meant to last a long time and not have a short shelf life. They are designed to be viewed up close with the highest regard to hiding seams and fasteners. Most importantly, architectural signs integrate brand identity, architectural and environmental design and building materials into the design to give a professional look to the interior and exterior of your business.

How Do I Get Started on My Architectural Signage Project?

That’s easy. Shoot us a note or give us a call. We will provide an on-site consultation to see how we can improve the appearance of your business with architectural signage.

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