Corporate Identity

Discover Your Brand Standards!

Communicating your new business or rebrand’s story takes more than a logo. As your communication needs grow, you will begin to require other design elements and visual symbols that can properly tell your story and communicate your messaging. That’s where the corporate identity package comes in — it provides a brand style guide that serves as a clear handbook to the design elements and visual symbols that will best represent your brand.

Taking the time to work with a creative, research-based partner on your corporate identity package will provide you with a color palette, logo, word mark, and collateral materials that all consistently work together and best represent your brand’s identity.

Our corporate identity design process includes:

  1. Discovery: A focused creative brief, discovery period, and consultation. To begin the corporate identity design process, our design team works with you to build a research-based concept based on your company’s identity, your audience, your competitors, and what you want to convey.
  2. Logo Design Round 1: Presentation of several monochromatic concepts to showcase the brand attributes without the psychological influence of color.
  3. Logo Design Round 2: Second round of concepts with a refined form.
  4. Color Palette Design: A spread of recommended color palette options, based on industry research and the emotions you are seeking to convey.
  5. Logo and Word Mark, with Color: 1-color and 2-color logo options, once the final form is chosen.
  6. Collateral Design: Designs that translate your brand standards consistently and professionally to each collateral piece, professional letterhead, stationery, brochures, business cards, informational flyers, posters, notepads, and more!
  7. Final Files: Various file formats of each variation of the final logo, including vector, JPG, and TIF files.
  8. Printed Materials: During the design process, the Big Visual Group sales consultants will assess your project goals to determine the most appropriate materials and technology to provide collateral and signage that is consistent with your brand’s feeling or story. From natural, no-frills looks on earthy paper to flashy, luxe materials, we can translate your brand standards to best suit your needs.

By kicking off your new or rebranded business with a fully approved brand style guide, you will feel confident that all of your design elements best represent your brand’s identity, vision, and messaging. Plus, you will save time working with future designers on all of your marketing, collateral, signage, stationery, merchandising, and other communications needs.