Campaign Concepting

From Start to Finish!

Have an idea for a campaign but don’t know where to start? Let Big Visual help! Our experienced team of designers specializes in every aspect of the sign industry, including identity branding, special events, fleet marketing, and trade show exhibits. We offer proven strategies, top-line technology, and professional services that easily enable you to streamline project management, maximize your budget, and create the best all-around visual impact for your campaign.

Our campaign concepting process includes:

  1. Discovery: Our campaign concepting process starts with a fact-finding mission. Our designers will meet with you and determine why you think you need a campaign, what assets/marketing materials do you currently have, where do you want to go, and what is the campaign. We also conduct market research, so we can ensure the highest level of impact on your target audience.
  2. Consultation: After our discovery phase, we will meet with you and present what we think would serve you best.
  3. Design: Once our pitch has been signed off on, our designers will begin the creative process — do some design mock-ups, make some key art, have key art established in different applications, and go through several rounds of proofing with the client.
  4. Production: After all key art for the campaign has been signed off on, everything then goes into production. We apply the key art to every piece of media that it needs to be applied to, whether it be digital or tangible.
  5. Follow-up: After the campaign has been created and released, we then have a follow-up meeting with you gauge the campaign’s success and adjust anything if the need be.

Whether your campaign is more word focused or image focused, our expert designers will help you create a targeted campaign that clearly conveys your story in an interesting way.

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