February 14, 2017
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Window Graphic Considerations

It’s no secret that window graphics can have a tremendous impact on your business. They solve many problems in a relatively affordable manner. Advertising specials, creating shade or privacy, spurring impulse purchases, and attracting eyeballs are some of the many ways a business can put their storefront windows to work by simply adding graphics.

We probably don’t have to convince you of the merits of window graphics, but there are many different types, and you might need some help in selecting the right materials and design for what you want to accomplish. So let’s talk about that.


The best type of window graphic for your application will be largely determined by whether or not you want people to see in or out of the window. Here are the main types of window graphics we work with and the characteristics of each.

Clear Window Graphics

The background of a clear window graphic is see-through, which allows natural light to enter the building and does not block visibility from the inside or outside. This is the best choice for window decals and graphics in locations that do not need privacy.

Opaque Window Graphics

Essentially, opaque window decals have a solid background that will not allow light through or visibility from either side. It’s a popular choice for when you don’t want people to see in or out, or if you want to block harsh sunlight.

Perforated Window Graphics

Do you want to grab the attention of people passing by but still see out the window? If so, then our see-through window decal technology is for you. A popular choice for locations that demand privacy, need relief from direct sunlight, or perhaps are under construction, perforated window graphics are a tasteful way to send a message and accomplish these tasks.

Frosted Window Graphics

A happy medium between clear and opaque is a frosted design. As a full-service sign and graphic shop, we can offer either a permanent etched glass solution or temporary frosted glass adhesive decal. Either way, it’ll add a professional and classy look to your windows and send whatever message you are trying to convey.


When a window is your canvas, there are some best practices for displaying your graphic. Generally speaking, less is more. You don’t want to make it hard to read by cluttering up your windows with many words or images. Size matters as well, but it is dependent upon the environment. If your location gets vehicle traffic, you should make sure your message is visible from the road. And, of course, you always want an instantly recognizable look and feel to the design associated with your brand.

While deciding to implement window graphics is often an easy choice, many fall short on the execution. That’s where our expertise comes in. We do all design work, printing, and installation ourselves, so you can be sure that no part of the process will fall short of your expectations.

Ready to turn your windows into something more than simply a pane of glass? Get in touch with a Big Visual Group consultant today to start the project.