December 21, 2015
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This Year’s Holiday Gift: The Donuts of 2016

As we get into the full swing of the holidays, it’s kind of like Santa’s workshop here at Big Visual. Rather than making toys, we like to bring a little joy to our customers (and show our appreciation) by putting together elaborate holiday gift packages.

It’s a point of pride every year, and nearly every department at Big Visual contributes to the project. It’s also the perfect way to showcase just how many different things we can do around here with a high degree of detail.

This year’s theme: “The Donuts of 2016: A Cautionary List of Do Nots.” The centerpiece of the package is a calendar with fantastic hand-drawn illustrations by graphic designer Sherard Jackson, part of the design team that put a ton of work into this design-centric project.

The calendar depicts 13 months (a baker’s dozen, get it?) of cute donuts getting into perilous situations and doing things one should NOT do. Don’t worry, Homer Simpsons of the world, no donuts were harmed in the making of this calendar.

Other components of the package that were printed and carefully crafted in-house include contour-cut magnets, sticker sheets, a customized holiday card, a fabric napkin printed by the dye-sub machine, and even a laser-engraved wooden ornament.