Product Spotlight: Vehicle Wraps

Aug 15, 2016

Mobilize Your Brand!

Vehicle wraps are becoming an increasingly popular way to market your brand. With the ability to reach literally thousands of impressionable eyes by simply driving around town, vehicle wraps are an efficient and cost-effective way to increase brand awareness for your company.

Having wrapped hundreds of vehicles, from small cars to massive tour busses, we like to think of ourselves as vehicle wrapping experts. We have our process down pat, and we can handle anything that rolls through our warehouse.

Our Process:

  1. Our customers first meet with a sales consultant and identify the vehicle or vehicles that need to be wrapped.
  2. We perform an initial survey of the vehicle, double check the measurements and note any areas that might require greater attention to detail.
  3. The project then goes in to design with our in-house creative team, where they concept designs that represent your brand and marketing goals.
  4. Once the design is finalized, the vehicle wrap is printed, laminated, cut and quality controlled and then ready to be installed.
  5. Starting with a clean vehicle, all of the panels are first dry hung to ensure an exact fit. Our team then preps the vehicle, removing mirrors, door handles and applies primer to any tricky complex curves of the body.
  6. We then perform a final 3M survey and are ready to wrap.

BIG’s Vehicle Wrap for KC Masterpiece’s BBQ Food Truck

Being a certified 3M company, Big Visual Group takes pride in the precision we use to execute each vehicle wrap we do. We’ve wrapped numerous presidential campaign buses, including three for Donald Trump, two for Ted Cruz, one for Ben Carson, one for Bernie Sanders, and several for Barack Obama, John Kerry, and George Bush. We have also wrapped several tour buses for such country stars as Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Little Big Town, Brooks & Dunn, and Lady Gaga. We’ve even wrapped 9 buses for Mr. Brad Paisley.

Little Big Town’s Trailer Wrap

Brooks & Dunn Last Rodeo Trailer Wrap

Brad Paisley Trailer Wrap

Our design team excels at vehicle wraps, presenting your brand with a quality design that helps elevate your brand to new heights. If you need to mobilize your brand, there is no better way than a vehicle wrap done by Big Visual Group!

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