October 18, 2016
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Product Spotlight: Dye Sub Capabilities

Printing on Fabric Has Never Been Easier!

With all the new printer technology being developed, Big Visual Group is constantly looking to upgrade our arsenal of premium printers. We recently got a new Printer Evolution Eos 126-DS printer. DS stands for “dye sublimation,” which is a process that the printer uses to let ink permeate the fibers of the fabric. The printer prints directly to fabric, which then rolls through the unit, hitting a high heat level. Once the temperature gets hot enough, the ink turns into a gas, which is imbued onto the fabric. This process gives the fabric a nice, rich coloration, which allows the print to be seen from both sides and increases the durability of the print. You can even wash and dry the fabric without compromising the integrity of the print!

Close Up
Dye Sub Front
Dye Sub Front

This printer is fairly new to our printer family, as we’ve only had it for a couple of months, but during those months, the printer has worked better than we had imagined. The Eos 126-DS isn’t your standard dye sub printer. It prints quicker than other dye sub printers because it prints directly to fabric instead of using the two-step process that most dye subs use — first printing to paper, then transferring the paper print to fabric. Because of this, we are able to churn out more high-quality dye sub prints! Another fun fact about our new dye sub printer is that it prints in a variable drop pattern, not a binary one, meaning that the drops of ink shrink or grow to give the print a smoother look.

Dye Sub Ink Canisters
Dye Sub Rear

The products printed off the dye sub printer typically include: flags, table throws, trade show booths and backdrops, stage backdrops, bike racks, bags, hop ups, and other specialty products. Hop ups tend to be the product that we print the most using this printer.

The Eos 126-DS is a great printer, and we are glad to have added it to our arsenal!