November 7, 2016
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Meet the Team: Matt Vietti

Title: Gatekeeping and Purchasing
Roles: Keeping the ball rolling, buying the best products for our customers
Big Visual Group Employee Since: 2015

Matt Vietti is a valuable part of the Big Visual Group machine and a friendly face to everyone he meets. He is in charge of gatekeeping and purchasing for our team.

Matt was born in Nashville but mainly grew up in Chicago. While in the Windy City, he worked for a variety of businesses, including FastSigns, Xerox, a human resources management company, and an insurance company. We’re glad Matt ventured back to Music City about eight years ago! Once he found his way back south, he began doing wedding photography. After that adventure, he began working at Signarama, doing everything from purchasing to design. Soon after, he began his Nashville printing and signage career at Big Visual Group.

When Matt rolls through our doors daily, his job duties include checking orders to ensure consistency, implementing quality control, and ordering materials for our clients. Some days, Matt receives interesting orders like requests for giant suction cups to mount to cars and crazy colored carpets for events. No two days are the same for Matt!

“It’s very nice to have so many people with such different talents here. It allows us to take on much more involved projects,” said Matt when talking about what makes Big Visual Group so special. “I have never worked somewhere that had this many people who could do such a variety of things. I have seen things here that I’ve never seen at other shops. Thankfully, we get to be the company that creates really neat products for our clients!”

Matt has been married to his wife for over three years. They have two dogs and two cats, which have become their main hobby outside of work. All four of these animals were rescued, revealing Matt’s big heart! Hopping into the car and getting lost while driving through the country is another of Matt’s pleasures. Don’t worry—Matt said he always “brings his GPS as a backup!”