November 6, 2017
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Meet the Team: Cindy Pitt

Title: Painter
Roles: Hand-painting signs, sandblasting, and screen printing

Originally from Vincennes, Indiana, Cindy Pitt enjoyed growing up along the Illinois border, or, as she calls it—corn country. Cindy’s family moved to Nashville the summer before her senior year of high school. She tried to stay in Vincennes with her grandmother, but the idea of being away from her family wasn’t something she wanted to endure, so she made the move from a school of 800 to a class of 800! “It was just a big culture shock, but I made the move and stayed here in Nashville,” says Cindy. Soon after, Cindy found a job, got married, and had two beautiful children.

Cindy was a stay-at-home mom for about ten years until she began screen printing for separate companies, where she continued serving for nearly about 20 years. Cindy also did home maintenance work for her sister’s realty firm for seven years, where she learned about a job opening Big Visual Group after her sister hired our company to handle her realty sign needs. Cindy got the job and will celebrate five years with Big Visual Group in January of 2018.

Among Cindy’s daily job responsibilities include painting and sandblasting signs, as well as screen printing. “Creating a sign is quite a process from start to finish,” says Cindy. All in all, it’s a process that Cindy truly enjoys. “I like seeing a finished project and knowing that I had a hand in it,” affirms Cindy. Among Cindy’s most popular projects are creating signs for Cracker Barrel. She gets a special thrill when friends and relatives text her from one of the restaurants asking if she played a role in creating a specific location’s signage.

When asked what things make Big Visual Group such a special place, Cindy says, “I think Big Visual Group is a great place. Everybody cares about each other, and there’s wonderful camaraderie here.” Cindy also appreciates how our owner, Scott Snoyer, is truly caring for his employees. “Scott does a lot for his employees that other company leaders wouldn’t think about.” Cindy is also proud to work alongside her granddaughter, Ciara, and son, Eric, who are both now employed at Big Visual Group.

Beyond the office, you can find Cindy doing woodworking, reading, and investing herself in home projects. Above all, Cindy enjoys getting to spend time with her son and daughter when possible.