Meet the Founders: Scott & Debbie Snoyer

Jan 20, 2016

Meet the Founders

When Scott and Debbie Snoyer moved from Dallas to Nashville in 1994, they hit the ground running. They had considered several different cities as potential locations for their new FASTSIGNS franchise, but in the end, Nashville won their hearts. What followed was a warm welcome by clients across the city and, eventually, the country, resulting in exponential business growth year after year.

By 2012, it became clear that if they wanted to continue increasing national growth, it was time to establish a new premium FASTSIGNS brand. That’s when they took on the name Big Visual Group, transitioning into the local business with limitless possibilities that they are today.

Today, Scott’s role as Founder and CEO looks quite different than it did when he started. There was a time in the business when it wasn’t uncommon to see Scott operating machinery in the building, but these days, his role is more strategic. When he isn’t pouring his time into leading his management team, he focuses on finding new ways to better shape the future of the company.

Debbie’s role at Big Visual is a little different. Scott refers to her as “the mother of the company,” admiring her ability to provide emotional support for the staff. When she comes in to eat lunch with Scott, she often takes a lap around the building to say “hi” to everyone and get updates on their families. When the staff meets their goals, she shows up with an incredible lunch buffet.

Scott & Debbie Snoyer,
Owners of Brand Imaging Group

The Snoyers are passionate about treating their staff like family. “It gets harder the bigger we get, but it’s still really important to us,” Scott said.

One of the most anticipated ways they show team appreciation is with a big staff dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. They hire Monell’s, a Nashville staple, to come in and cater a traditional meal with all the trimmings. In the summer, they host frequent pool parties and cookouts. And to foster some friendly competition, Scott keeps a couple ping-pong tables in the warehouse year-round.

“People make the business. We’ve got great machinery; new technology is always coming in. Our people, however, make what we do possible,” Scott said.

New Year Reflections

Looking ahead, Scott is proud to have Big Visual working on several projects for the NHL All-Star Game in 2016.

Reflecting on 2015, he makes note of what an honor it was to have Big Visual lead the rebrand of LP Field into what is now Nissan Stadium.

Toward the end of 2015, Scott also purchased a good amount of new machinery to replace the older equipment, a growing pain he actually embraces. “I get excited anytime we bring in the most up-to-date technology, as it continually allows us to be more capable and efficient,” he said.


Scott and Debbie reside in Brentwood. On any given Saturday, Scott can be found golfing at the Governor’s Club. Debbie is often busy hosting family, friends, and an adopted crew of volleyball players from Belmont University. They own three beloved dogs: Luigi, a rescued black Pomeranian, and two Shih Tzus, Bella and Biagi.

At one point, Scott mentions he is a morning person, and jokes that Debbie is not. In her defense, she says, “But I do make him breakfast every morning.” Scott asks her to explain breakfast.

“I set out a glass, a spoon, a packet of Carnation Breakfast Essentials and a box of Cheerios,” Debbie responds, with a chuckle. After all, breakfast is breakfast.

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