Know the Rules before Wrapping Your Vehicle or Fleet

May 21, 2015

Vehicle Wrap Rules To Consider

Using customized car wraps is a fantastic way to increase visibility for your business. They look sleek, won’t damage a vehicle’s paint job, and gain more daily impressions than billboards or newspaper ads. Before you decide to invest in a vehicle wrap (or wraps for a fleet), here are few things to consider.

Know the Laws

  • Before you install a custom vehicle wrap or put a sign on your car, review state laws and local ordinances about advertising as it pertains to commercial and personal vehicles. If you’d like to display a business logo on your vehicle, you may have to register your car, van, or truck as a commercial vehicle rather than one strictly for personal use.
  • If your signage on a car window hinders visibility (either yours or a those trying to look in), it could potentially be illegal (depending on state laws, of course).
  • Neighborhood associations may have restrictions on cars with advertisements on them parked in front of houses or in driveways. If you have a wrap, this could pose a much bigger problem than a magnet or other more easily removable signage.

A Presidential Tour Bus Vehicle Wrap

Customized Alternatives to Vehicle Wraps

Big Visual Group isn’t just for tractor-trailers and tour buses. We can customize any vehicle that you drive into the shop, including motorcycles, scooters, golf carts, segways, and even Zambonis (all eyes are on the zamboni at a hockey game — why not advertise there?).

If your personal vehicle cannot use a wrap for whatever reason (legal concerns, costs, etc), Big Visual offers other vehicle signage solutions. We’ll create custom magnets with your business logo, or car toppers (not just for pizza delivery anymore) that can light up. Just request a quote, and Brand Imaing professionals will make your vision a reality.

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