January 9, 2014

Employee of the Month | December 2013

Although Jesse has only been with us a short time, his impact has been immediate.

He laminates, RF Welds, heat seams, liquid coats, applies vinyl, and operates our Zund cutter. He uses his experience and skills to further Big Visual’s capabilities.

Jesse has been more than adaptable in production, taking on many tasks and excelling in each area. He plays an important role in ensuring our customers get the best quality products, on deadline. We are proud of him and his accomplishments and enjoy having him on our team!

Name: Jesse Cochran

What do you do at BIG? Zund Operator, Laminating, and Finisher

How long have you worked at BIG? Since May 2013.

What is the coolest project you’ve worked on at BIG? Pretty much everything we do is pretty cool. I enjoy it all. CMA sticks out the most.

What do you love to do in your free time? Paint, camping, hiking

Favorite color? Green

Favorite food? Sushi

Favorite TV show? Walking Dead

Favorite movie? Trailer Park of Terror

Favorite artist/band? Red Fang