February 21, 2017

Employee of the Month: Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor holds the title of February 2017 Employee of the Month! He is a laminator at our company and assists with the task of finishing as well. Chris is a Nashville native, and he’s also a man who knows what he likes, as he has never lived anywhere other than Music City (and has no plans to leave anytime soon)! Chris takes pride in being a local. He can visit certain landmarks across town and tell you the history behind the building. For instance, Chris recently ate at a local restaurant that was formerly a popular car wash!

A lot of Big Visual Group employees have found out about us through a family member or referral. Chris is no exception, as he was recommended to us by one of his brothers who is a former Big Visual Group employee. Chris knew it would be a perfect fit. He dabbled with the print world in high school and later worked at a print shop for over eight years. We were delighted when Chris joined our team two years ago!

Chris is in charge of the three laminators at our shop. When he is not busy laminating, Chris is always eager to offer a hand in other production departments. In his own words, “I’m the kind of person who will definitely help you, if I can. I’m a jack of all trades, so I like offering assistance where and when needed.” He also said, “God has brought me through so many storms in my life, so I want to always show my gratitude by helping others.”

Big Visual Group means a lot to Chris. He said, “Scott and Debbie Snoyer were willing to take a chance on me, and I know they trust me. The kindness they have shown means so much.”

Outside our walls, Chris spends his time acting, bowling, riding horses, and cruising around on motorcycles. This fun-loving guy is a special asset to our group, and we congratulate Chris on winning Employee of the Month. It’s a well-deserved honor!