March 31, 2017

Employee of the Month: Brandon Gray

Congratulations to Brandon Gray, March’s Employee of the Month! Brandon is an installer at Big Visual Group. Everyone on the team loves having him around, which is clear, since Brandon’s peers chose him as the recipient of this honor!

Brandon was born and raised in the greater Nashville area. He started his print and signage career by working for Precision Sign Works. After a season in that role, Brandon then began freelancing on his own. Soon after, he joined our Big Visual Group team in 2011.

When Brandon walks through our doors each morning, he gets an install list from his boss, Chris, then he heads out to serve our clients! Brandon is a pro at handling his install work but also prides himself in supporting other teams when needed. Whether assisting the sales team with pricing or taking in a delivery, Brandon is always happy to serve.

“At Big Visual Group, I love the freedom of knowing that people trust me to get the job done. I am a hard worker, so the job always gets done on time and with excellence,” said Brandon when talking about why he likes working at our Antioch facility. “I also like having all our supplies at my disposable. We can do so much under one roof here.”

Outside of work, you might find Brandon mudding in his truck or cleaning up his house (he can be a little picky about this). An even more interesting place you might see this sports- loving guy is on a football field. If you ever see a guy kicking field goals by himself on a football field, it’s probably Brandon. It’s one of his favorite pastimes!

In a recent Fish Philosophy class at work, Brandon revealed his most unique fact. He can throw an NFL football 60 yards. He encourages anyone to challenge him on this talent—he will prove you wrong!