Drive Business with Fleet Graphics

Feb 22, 2017

If you own a small or medium-sized business or handle the marketing for a large business, you need to squeeze every drop of value out of each advertising dollar. There are many forms of advertising, especially since the advent of digital media, but any business that owns vehicles should never ignore fleet wraps.

Numbers Don’t Lie

According to the most recent Highway Statistics Report from the Federal Highway Administration, annual miles of travel by vehicles surpassed the 3 trillion mark in 2015. We are driving more than ever. Perhaps this is why, when you look at statistics, the effectiveness of vehicle and fleet wrap advertising leaves other advertising channels in the dust.

In a recent report, RYP & Becker Group, found that:
-97 percent of people surveyed recalled the ad on their test truck.
-98 percent also thought that the ads created a positive image of the advertiser.
-96 percent felt that fleet graphics had more impact than billboards.

*Source: “Street-Smart Advertising” 3M, October 2013

Works As You Work

Let’s take a look at how well vehicle graphics work. Pretend that you own a plumbing company. You hop in your truck at 7 a.m., swing through Dunkin’ Donuts for a shot of caffeine and drive to a job site. As you were going about your routine, your truck was leaving thousands of impressions on other motorists in your service area!

You park your truck and get to work. This is where quality impressions really come about. The neighbors of the house you are working at are beginning their day as well. They see your truck. You are delivering your message to other homeowners. Maybe it’s an older neighborhood where the homes’ plumbing systems are beginning to deteriorate. This type of highly targeted ad audience simply can’t be accomplished with a billboard, TV, or print ad. As your truck is parked, it’s leaving an impression on potential customers who are demographically similar to your current customer.

Now imagine your company has 10 vehicles in its fleet, and it’s clear to see the positive impact a great vehicle wrap design can have on your business.

Not Just For Trucks

At Big Visual Group, we can and have wrapped just about every type of vehicle. From cars and trucks to trailers, boats, buses, and even zambonis, if your vehicle can leave an impression, we can create and install a great design.

Other Benefits of Fleet Graphics

In addition to building your brand and driving new business, fleet graphics can have safety and resale value benefits. A full wrap will protect your vehicle’s paint, so, once it’s time to sell, you can simply peel it off. We can also incorporate better safety initiatives into your design with highly reflective film.

The Big Visual Group Advantage

Whether you have one or 1,000 trucks, we are your fleet graphic partner. We have a track record and portfolio to back up our reputation, only using the best materials and doing the design, printing, and installation ourselves.

If you’d like to learn more about our fleet wrap approach and process, contact us today!

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