February 8, 2018

Client Spotlight: Vehicle Graphics For FlyQuest

FlyQuest, a non-profit organization based in Huntsville, Alabama, with a vision to help educate young people in aviation, came to Big Visual Group for help with adding vehicle graphics to a bus they have converted to a touring/on-site education tool.

The challenge with this job was the canvas we had to work with. It was a complicated surface with various panels and windows, but we didn’t let that stop us from creating an awesome display of educational vehicle graphics!

The focal points of this vehicle graphic layout are the FlyQuest logo, tagline, and web address. This will be sure to spread awareness as the bus travels, and observers can quickly discover who they are, what they do, and where they can learn more.

We installed detailed and educational vehicle graphics all around the bus that can be used for teaching once this mobile classroom comes to a stop. We didn’t let the many ridges and rivets on the vehicle’s surface get in the way of displaying clear and easy-to-read diagrams.

The windows were covered in aviation lifestyle images that really grab the attention of lookers and helps deliver FlyQuest’s vision and the impact they have on helping young people learn about flying. Plus, it looks fantastic!

We are proud to help FlyQuest in their quest to travel the country, spread awareness of their organization, and turn a bus into a mobile teaching tool. And being one of the few certified 3M vehicle graphics installers in the region, it’s clear why they came to us when they needed help.

If you need similar vehicle graphics installed, be sure to get in touch!