January 25, 2016

Client Spotlight: Presidential Tour Bus Wraps

One of the more specialized products Big Visual Group offers to clients is a custom vehicle wrap. A wrap may be used to increase brand visibility, advertise a message or product, or represent an individual’s tour or campaign.

Nashville is home to many touring musicians and large publishers, and Big Visual’s vehicle wrap team takes pride in wrapping motor coaches for various bands, authors, and book tours throughout the year. When they aren’t busy with that, they’re working hard on a variety of vehicle wraps for sports teams and businesses all over town.

However, when presidential campaigns begin to heat up, the workflow at Big Visual changes. That’s because, over the past decade, Big Visual has been a go-to source for political bus wraps nationwide. Now, with the 2016 Presidential Election shifting into high gear, the number of campaign buses being delivered, wrapped, and sent back out from Big Visual headquarters increases week by week.

Sales consultant Randy Hughes explains that Big Visual’s most recent influx in political bus wrap requests is likely due to an increase in campaign efforts for the upcoming Iowa Caucus. The February 1 event launches the presidential primary season. Randy says that the team is “just kicking off” what will surely be an exciting and busy year for political bus wraps.

Ted Cruz Tour Bus Wrap

As shown in the photo, a presidential campaign bus wrap is almost always installed on a motor coach with very specific design files sent from the campaign team. Campaign buses have been essential to presidential campaigns since 1940. They allow candidates to make several stops and appearances in small towns within a short time frame. Planes may get you to any state in the country, but campaign buses take you into the heart of those states. Big Visual is honored to play a small role in helping more of America’s small-town citizens evaluate their presidential candidates in-person and up close.

A Non-Partisan Partnership

Big Visual has installed a wide array of presidential bus wraps over the years in a non-partisan partnership with a local bus company. The list of presidential candidates Big Visual has served beginning with the 2000 election includes Barack Obama and Joe Biden, George W. Bush, John McCain and Sarah Palin, Al Gore, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Pat Buchanan, John Kerry, Elizabeth Dole, John Edwards, Dan Quayle, Howard Dean, Lamar Alexander, Bill Richardson, Herman Cain, Bob Ely, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Hillary Clinton.

Gearing up for the 2016 election, the most recent presidential candidates to have tour buses wrapped by Big Visual include  Donald Trump’s book tour and campaign buses for Bernie Sanders, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush.

Bernie Sanders Tour Bus Wrap
Marco Rubio Tour Bus Wrap