May 20, 2015

Calling All Contractors and Business Owners

In Nashville alone, there are buildings going up on a weekly basis all over town. Each of these buildings have government regulated way finding and ADA signage requirements. Big Visual Group can help you develop a signage strategy, and create, print, produce and install all of your signage needs.

Why ADA-Compliant Signs Exist:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires building signs that identify accessibility and impart information to those with disabilities. They’re also important for general public safety. Indoors, these signs identify restrooms, elevators, stairwells, and permanent rooms. Outdoors, they function to indicate crosswalks, construction zones, entrances and exits, and accessible parking spaces.

Why Does Compliance Matter for my Business? 

These signs make buildings safer and convey important information, so there’s obvious value there. But if you need further encouragement, not complying with these regulations can earn you very steep fines from the Department of Justice (up to $50,000 for your first offense).

Here are few examples of the very specific ADA Signage Guidelines: 

  • Permanent Spaces: All permanent rooms and spaces in a building must have ADA signage outside. These are rooms that are unlikely to change use or function in the near future. All restrooms, exits and room numbers must have ADA signs as well.
  • Text Requirements: With tactile signs, use exclusively capital letters. For visual signs such as directories, lowercase letters are acceptable. Use simple, sans serf fonts. If a pictogram is used, it must be accompanied with a written description.
  • Braille Requirements: Grade 2 Braille must be used on tactile signs. Not all building signs are required to include Braille — directories, parking signs and temporary signs (in use for 7 days or less) do not have to be ADA compliant. Check your state laws for Braille requirements, as they vary.

Refer to the ADA’s Standards for Accessible Design for complete details on acceptable signage.

Big Visual Group offers full building packages, including all the necessary signs for ADA compliance. Be it school, business, construction site or public space, they can equip you with the proper signs and for your specific situation. You can choose from a wide variety of graphics and styles from Big Visual to achieve compliance for your space.