February 12, 2013

Big Visual Group is Moving!

Big Visual Group is Moving! Move dates: Friday, March 8 – Monday, March 11

*NOTE: In the next couple of weeks, please allow your a bit more lead time than usual!*

Where are we moving? We are moving to The Crossings at 5764 Crossings Blvd, Nashville, TN 37013

Why are we moving? In an effort to improve efficiency and consolidate our operating facilities, Big Visual will be moving to a larger facility that will be able to house sales, design, production and installation under one roof.

What will the impact be to customers and employees? There are many ways the move will positively impact you as a customer as well as our employees:

  • A convenient and dedicated parking lot just for you.  Easy in and out.
  • More space for on site product demos.
  • Space for new (& more!) equipment.  That means improved capacity and new offerings such as spot varnishes.
  • At Big Visual Group it is important to us that we offer the best work environment possible. Our move will providing a better work environment through improved workflow and internal efficiencies.

Won’t a larger facility mean more overhead and the use of more energy? Actually, we are moving in order to improve in these areas. We currently operate in multiple buildings that are not energy efficient. Our new facility will help us save on gas travelling in between buildings, it will have many energy saving and green certified features and also broaden our recycling capabilities.

Thank you for your continued support! Please contact us directly with any questions.

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