Back to School with Big Visual Group

Sep 1, 2015

We Can Help With Your First Impressions

Our summer days are numbered. Whether your kids are in kindergarten or college, school is back in session all around. With the presence of so many brand new students and their parents on school grounds and campuses, educational institutions have the opportunity to make a big first impression.

Big Visual Group has worked with many Nashville schools and colleges to create graphics, signs, banners and displays that are informative, functional and aesthetically impressive.

Providing the signage and branding for school spaces goes well beyond a few “welcome back” banners. Brand Imaing has helped get buildings ready for school with new signage and wayfinding elements.

A wayfinding concept considers how people deal with their surroundings, orient themselves and attempt to navigate a space. Think of your first day of high school or college. Were signs and structures set up to point you in the correct direction and prevent you from getting lost?

When taking on a job, Big Visual makes an evaluation of the space. We do a walk-through with facility personnel to see where people enter or tend to congregate, and then we recommend a concept for all the signs, structures and graphics to maximize visibility and make a big impression.

With an in-house design team and vast production capabilities, we produce all of the graphics and signs at our facility to install on-site.

Big Visual Group has installed signs and displays at many Middle Tennessee schools, including Ensworth, Ravenwood and Harding Academy, and colleges such as Nashville State, TSU, Vanderbilt, Belmont, Lipscomb and Austin Peay.

These projects have included wall logos, entrance signs, directionals, exterior dimensional graphics and lettering, interior door signs, pole banners, sports banners and much more.

Big Visual Group’s offerings continue over the course of the school year, from floor graphics on a gym floor (a great idea for homecoming events) and wrapping team vehicles (hooray, school spirit!), to wall wraps and lobby displays that showcase school history and pride.

We also excel at trade show graphics and banners, which are great for college fairs. Take a look at this custom display we made for Trevecca University.

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