September 24, 2014

A New Way to Create Versatile Graphics

Big Visual Group uses the Visual Magnetics Graphic System® to create impactful décor and displays made of thin magnetic receptive layers that can be easily changed to extend your message throughout your location. This graphic solution offers unique advantages in retail, food service, trade show, event and educational environments with frequently changing messages and promotions.

Textures: Create a distinctive look with textured magnetic receptive layers that appear to be canvas, satin and wood grain.

Multi-dimensional Displays: Add dimensional objects to your magnetic wall to create interest and enhance décor.

Writeable Surfaces: Use removable whiteboard or chalkboard layers to add writeable surface areas.

Transformable Spaces: Change out the layers in a room or facility to quickly cater to a different audience or event.

Changeable Menu Boards: Rotate promotions and pricing on a menu board throughout the day, week, or season.

Flexible Merchandising: Re-arrange and change layers to create fresh retail environments that highlight new products, themes or seasons.

Changeable Exhibits: Enhance exhibits with moveable layers that call attention to artifacts, displays and information.

Energized Décor: Create professional décor with bold graphics that can be easily changed to reflect a mood or season.

Use magnetic receptive graphics to create a unique and easily changeable in-store décor and graphics. Discover the possibilities today.


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