5 Ways to Visually Brand Your Sporting Event

Mar 30, 2016

Branding Live Events – Part Two

This is the second blog in our 3-part series on branding live events. If you’re interested in learning more about how to visually brand your next event, you can download our free eBook here.

When hosting a sporting event, you’re presented with a unique opportunity to tell your brand’s story in a way that will engage your attendees. You have a focused space to reinforce your brand’s messaging and create a visual reputation that becomes well known and loved.

But in order to connect with your audience, you must tap into your consumers’ interests. What visuals are most likely to resonate with them? What messaging will speak most directly to their interests and desires?

A sporting event is fertile ground to make a thoughtful impression with your brand, helping attendees become loyal fans and getting them fired up about what your team represents. At Big Visual, we’re experts at creating imagery that will compel your audience to better pay attention to, believe in, and care about what your team or institution stands for.

When it comes to enhancing your sporting event, you have a variety of visual branding products to choose from —all of which are customizable to your venue. Each product works as an integral piece in a larger, multi-product, visual puzzle, meant to complete and fulfill your overall brand activation plan.

Here are five examples of visual products we offer for sporting events:

1. Barricade Signage

Make barricades less of an eyesore and more of a branding tool. Crowd control barricade signage and bike rack wraps work well for strategic ad placement at events that require waiting in line for tickets or general entry.

2. Dasher Board Graphics

When their eyes are most focused on the rink, field, or court, why not meet them there? Dasher board graphics are a simple way to make a nod to your sponsors or share a compelling motto or message that relates to your establishment.

3. Press Room Backdrops

An easy way to reinforce your team or establishment’s logo across media outlets is to supply a branded backdrop for post-game interviews and press conferences.

4. Grand Format Outdoor Signage

Don’t let your fans get lost in the parking lot. Installing grand-format signage on outdoor walls or buildings is not only helpful for steering attendees in the right direction, but is sending a brand message as well.

5. Hanging Indoor Banners

Indoor banners in the concession area not only add a décor element to your venue, they give you the opportunity to speak to your attendees every time they file in and out of the game, take a bathroom break, or go searching for a snack.

Music City Bowl Hanging Banners

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