March 6, 2019
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5 Retail Signage Trends for 2019

Five Man Electrical Band made famous the lyrics, “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign,” and—when you stop and let it sink in—it’s hard to imagine a world without signs everywhere, especially in the retail industry. From print to digital and simple to extravagant, today’s retailers can bring practically any idea to life when it comes to finding ways to make their business stand out to shoppers through signage.

As you prepare to wow your customers and draw the attention of overstimulated shoppers in the new year ahead, here are five retail signage trends to note for 2019.

Keep it Simple.

You might have noticed that companies are making the transition from complex logos and artwork to more simple, clean, and icon-driven imagery. In the same vein, retail signage is following course. From branding to messaging, simplicity in signage is a growing trend. With shoppers’ eyes being pulled in many different directions, don’t discredit the value of a clean and simple graphic or message that can help you stand out in a crowd.

Mind the Gaps.

Today’s retailers are learning how to best make use of large, open spaces with imagery and messaging that creates an aesthetically-pleasing experience for their guests. From high walls to columns and poles to doors and even windows, there are numerous ways to take what may seem like an unused, unnoticed, and sterile canvas and turn it into an eye-catching lure for potential customers.

Think Outside the Box.

Perhaps one of the most lost opportunities for retailers today is thinking too literal or traditional when it comes to signage or graphics for their businesses—whether outdoors or indoors. Though many retailers have restrictions and codes they must adhere to with signage, there are a multitude of ways to think outside the box when it comes to signage that can catch the attention of passers-by. Don’t be afraid to be different.

Details Matter.

Another growing signage trend in the retail industry is found in the smallest details of a retail environment. Whether it’s complimentary messaging on restroom mirrors, inspirational words on cups, statements of gratitude on shopping bags, or even luring floor decals—customers notice the details, and it can keep them coming back over and again.

Technology Is Still King (or Queen).

As technology continues to change our world, so it does with our signage. From digital messaging to artificial intelligence to interactive displays, shoppers are drawn to hi-tech visuals. While there’s a large migration back to simplicity in branding and signage, it will be interesting to see how that movement will mesh with emerging technology—especially for retailers.

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