4 Ways to Create Commercial Real Estate Signage that Sells

Feb 14, 2019

Let’s be honest: When it comes to commercial real estate, a company’s success is rooted in how much it can sell. So, when making the investment in advertising, branding, or marketing, it’s essential to your sales success to not only have an unforgettable visual identity but to also make sure your message is clear, clever, and concise.

Real estate signage will most often be your biggest tool for making your company or brand known within a community. Because commercial real estate signs and graphics can make the first (or even last) impression with potential customers, you’ll want to make sure your real estate business has the best-in-class signage to increase curb appeal and bring attention to your property. All in all, you want to create real estate signage that sells.

How to Create Commercial Real Estate Signage that Sells

After working with some of the industry giants in commercial real estate in Nashville, Tennessee, and beyond, here are some of the key elements we’ve observed that are necessary for creating commercial real estate signs that lead to a closing deal.

1. Pursue an unforgettable concept and design.

A strong visual concept and design can make or break your commercial real estate signage success, so it’s important to create a signage concept from the beginning that will stand the test of time, best represent your brand, and leave a lifelong impression for customers. Instead of trying to create or design your concept on your own, you’ll never regret partnering with an expert who not only understands all the industry signage specifications but who can also help convey your message in a variety of ways that will make the biggest impact. From colors to fonts, a signage expert can help you know best practices that will lead to better results.

2. Make sure your messaging is clear, clever, and concise.

While most commercial real estate messaging might only involve a few simple property details and some contact information, the words you choose, the message layout, and the call-to-action is critical to the effectiveness of your signage. Use words that quickly and concisely tell your customers the information they want to see, and don’t dismiss the opportunity to go the extra mile by adding brief clever and memorable content that will resonate with a customer’s eyes beyond the norm. Above all, make sure your contact information is easy to find and clearly legible.

3. Know your signage options.

Today’s signage options are endless, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to the style and types of materials available to you. You’ll want to consider factors such as weather patterns, community rules and regulations, property locations, budgeting, and signage space when making your signage choices. A signage expert will be able to guide you to the best signage option that meets your specific needs and creates a lasting impression for your brand.

4. Choose your signage partner wisely.

Not all signage companies are created equal. To get the most out of real estate signage, it’s important to choose a trusted and reputable signage partner. Rather than working with separate vendors for various parts of the process, choose a team of experienced consultants and designers who can help you with every detail along the way, from concept to design to manufacturing to installation.

In the Market for Top-Notch Real Estate Signage?

Whether you need a flag to attract potential tenants, a building sign to identify your company, or a property management vehicle wrap, Big Visual Group’s experts can execute well-branded environments for real estate companies. As you juggle the needs of those interested in your properties, we can handle your branding needs.

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