3 Unexpected Industries That Can Use 3M Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

May 8, 2019

It may seem hard to believe, but it’s true: Most of us spend around 293 hours in a car during an entire calendar year. The average commute is getting longer, and most Americans spend just under an hour in their cars each day heading to school or work. With the popularity of podcasts and streaming music services, that hour can pass more quickly, but until self-driving cars are a reality, most of us need to keep our eyes focused on the road.

When traffic slows to a standstill, we’re a captive audience inside the car. We may find our attention being lured by a catchy billboard, a vain license plate or bumper sticker that makes us chuckle, or a truck emblazoned with a plumbing or house-cleaning service number. For the latter of the three, such mobile advertisements are serving a dual purpose, as they help businesses market themselves while transporting workers where they need to go.

Many businesses and organizations already take the opportunity to have their customers advertise for them by printing bumper stickers and magnets to stick on a vehicle. This can be an effective approach, but to reach even more eyes, businesses should consider a custom vehicle wrap for a slick, professional look that will capture eyes, whether they’re on the road or parked on site.

Professional vehicle wraps are often used in the construction and service industries, but many other industries can benefit from adding them to their marketing arsenals. Here are a few creative uses for vehicle wraps that can help your business stand out on the highway.

Promote a Concert or Album Release

Nashville is a magnet for live music, so there’s lots of competition for listeners’ ears. While social media promotion, email lists, and posters all have a place in the promotional process, a mobile advertisement can be used to promote upcoming events. The key to using a vehicle wrap for an event or release is to get creative, while making sure essential pieces of information are visible. The time and date are important, but they shouldn’t overshadow the graphic impact of a high-quality vehicle wrap.

Next, you’ll want to decide placement for your vehicles. If you’re affiliated with a recording studio or label, your organization may be sponsoring or attending live music events. If you plan to have a vehicle on-site, a custom vehicle wrap can serve as an eye-catching advertisement in a high-traffic area. Plus, you’ll know you’re targeting the right audience. Concert-goers love to know about other events and releases, so you’re providing them with relevant information. If you can pair your vehicle wrap with promotional swag or other materials, you’re likely to draw a crowd.

Boost a Political Campaign

Running an effective campaign for office requires a lot of glad-handing. Candidates often spend hundreds of hours on the road in preparation for an election. Using a custom vehicle wrap to promote a candidate puts those hours on the road to work.

Each arrival of the campaign bus into a town or city showcases a candidate’s eagerness to physically meet with the constituency. Since candidates use surrogates to stand in for them at events, it’s important for the candidate’s name, image, and brand identity to be present, even if they are attending another event. Arriving to that event in a vehicle that endorses the candidate keeps the person top of mind throughout the campaign process.

When the candidate or their team is on the road, a vehicle wrap helps project a sense of forward momentum to a political campaign. That’s definitely an idea you want associated with your team. Arriving to an event with a cadre of patriotic cars lends legitimacy and cohesiveness to your visual impact.

Advertise a Franchise or Attract New Franchisees

When a small business sees significant growth, an owner can decide to franchise out to other locations. This can result in huge gains in revenue and name recognition. However, if customers aren’t sure where new locations are, they may not see an increase in foot traffic.

Vehicle wraps are a fantastic way of connecting with customers where they are—on the roads. Passing a vehicle wrap on the road can also attract new franchisees. When prospective franchise buyers notice an uptick in new locations, they’re more likely to inquire about purchasing one.

If your franchise has a delivery or traveling service component, vehicle wraps on a fleet of cars turns miles on the road into eyes on your brand. After all, you never know when the car stuck behind your vehicle in traffic might be looking for a specific product or service provider. If they take a photograph of your company’s car or truck wrap while traffic is at a standstill, you may have just helped knock an item off their to-do list!

Partner With An Experienced Company

To have the most impact on your audience, you want to avoid cheaper vehicle wraps that may peel, bleed, or have heavily-pixelated images. Unprofessional vehicle wraps send the opposite message than the one you’re trying to portray.

Our team of agency-level designers, experienced manufacturers, and meticulous installers can provide a seamless experience from start to finish. Let us help you determine the style, design, and materials that will help your business make a stunning first impression. Set up an appointment with our experts to get the process started today.

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