Collateral Design

Aesthetically and Functionally, Find the Right Fit!

Ready to extend your brand communications past a simple logo? Our custom collateral design process will take your existing logo and assets and use your established brand standards to create versatile and functional collateral pieces.

Our experienced design team can design professional letterhead, stationery, brochures, business cards, informational flyers, posters, notepads, and more that mirrors or complements your current branding. With our state-of-the-art printing technology, we can produce all design in-house on the materials that best suit your brand’s needs.

Our collateral design process:

  1. Collection of Assets: To begin the collateral design process, our design team works with you to collect all assets, including your logo, color palette, and other branded design elements.
  2. Collateral Design Round 1: We take great pride in upholding and adhering to a client’s brand standards. We will present the first round of designs that translate your brand standards consistently and professionally to each collateral piece. If you are interested in adding a creative flair to your collateral design, we will create new designs based on existing collateral and the color palette.
  3. Collateral Design Round 2: With client feedback, we present a second round of concepts with refined form.
  4. Final Files: Various file formats of each variation of the final logo, including vector, JPG, and TIF files.
  5. Printed Materials: During the design process, one of our experienced sales consultants will assess your project goals to determine the most appropriate materials and technology to provide collateral that is consistent with your brand’s feeling or story. From natural, no-frills prints on earthy paper to flashy, luxury materials, we can translate your brand standards to the best materials for your needs.

Look no further to establish a professional image that creates a long-lasting impression with your audience. We offer high-quality, professional collateral design that will seamlessly blend with all of your marketing and communication materials.

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