November 30, 2016
Tagged In: Printing Services

Product Spotlight: Small Format

Small format products range from anything like a poster to a booklet. Generally, we classify anything smaller than 11×17 as small format at Big Visual Group. At our company, we do a lot of big jobs. However, don’t be fooled by the word “big,” because when we do small format jobs, they are usually large in quantity. For instance, if you are planning to order business cards, you’ll likely order at least a hundred. Thankfully, we are well equipped to produce large quantities, and we’re able to fulfill our customers’ large requests!

We work with many different types of materials when producing small format items. The type of paper and the material weight all vary by project. We offer a wide range of papers, and we print anything and everything from standard copy paper to heavy duty pearlescent paper. We’ve even printed on aluminum and chrome papers before. The options are endless when it comes to what your small format product will look and feel like. Whether you desire rugged edges, a sand paper feel, or even a weird angle, we can bring your vision to life.

Most small format jobs go through our HP Indigo 5600 printer. Everything must go through a printer, then the final step of finishing can take a few different paths. Wrapping up a small format job can range from products going through the shrink machine to them getting cut into different specialized shapes.

One of our team’s most unique and interesting finishing machines is the Heidelberg Press. It’s an old-school printing press that we use for dye cutting. We use it for specialty jobs, like creating a special Christmas card that a customer might request in an odd shape. We just print the cards and then put them on the Heidelberg, which dye cuts the cards almost like a cookie cutter machine!