June 30, 2016

Product Spotlight: Backlit Graphics

Shine a Light On Your Message

If you’re looking for a way to increase the impact of your message, then backlit graphics may be the best solution for you. Backlit graphics are similar to your average sign or banner, except they are put in a lightbox and lit from behind, increasing the visibility of your graphic.

Backlit graphics can be mounted to walls, freestanding, hanging, single-sided, or double-faced. Chances are you’ve seen them at trade shows, airports, malls, movie theaters, churches, concert venues, or even as a billboard on the side of the highway. With backlit graphics, you are effectively doubling your visibility time, since your sign can be easily read during the day or at night. What’s more is that backlit graphics increase the legibility of your sign, making it easier to read from farther away. You don’t have to worry about exterior lighting casting hotspots or shadows that make your sign hard to read anymore.

“We have no shortage of experience working with backlit graphics, especially for Bridgestone Arena,” said Ryan Payne, Big Visual Creative Director. “Cleverly dubbed ‘Spectaculars,’ Bridgestone’s backlit graphics are just that. Printed with an expert color/white/color technique, Big Visual’s backlit signs are easily legible with both lights on and lights off.”

Check out the images below to see for yourself just how dazzling and eye-catching a backlit sign can be.