Meet the Team: Steve “Chief” Morrison

Sep 3, 2015

Meet Our Management Team

Name: Steve Morrison

Title: Sign Maker and Painter, Architectural Sign Division

Role: Sign fabrication and custom painting

With the Company Since: 2001

Nickname: “Chief.” Morrison is part Native American, and he said he’s had the nickname for many years.

You can’t walk out onto the Big Visual Group production floor without being amazed by the technologically advanced machinery. But there’s still no substitute for experience and highly skilled hand craftsmanship. That’s where Steve “Chief” Morrison steps in.

“(I enjoy) everything I do because it’s been my trade since 1971,” he said. “I started here in 2001, but before this I did the same things. Always custom signs, displays, logos, etc.”

Steve “Chief” Morrison

He said his group of coworkers is one of the best parts of the job.

“I enjoy everybody I work with,” Morrison said. “I’ve never even been late here other than going to the doctor. It’s a great company, and I recommend it to anybody that would want to come work here — but they’ve got to want to work.”

With Morrison’s hands-on work ethic, you won’t find him behind a desk at a computer.

“I work with my hands so I don’t know much about that,” he said. I’m old, old, old school. I still have my $10-a-month phone. It’s all I need. I don’t care about all that technology.”

Rather than focusing on a computer, Morrison’s craft relies on skills he has honed and tested through years of experience. Take his painting prep process, for example.

“You have to prepare the paint with the correct type of substrate. We have different type of paint methods for metal, wood, acrylic and PVC,” he said. “It took a lot of testing and experience for each method, but I’ve got it down pretty much to a science now.”

He’s not shy about sharing the secret to his success in this business.

“I try to be the best. If it’s not right, it’s not going out the door. Quality, quality, quality.


Morrison played 14 years of football, including 2 years of semi-pro ball. He lives with his longtime girlfriend, Brenda, and beloved dog, Bobo — his “pride and joy”. Unfortunately, Bobo recently lost his vision.

“It’s the hardest I’ve cried in my 62 years. I placed stuffed animals all over the house on corners so he won’t run into anything.”

On his general upbeat outlook, Morrison says, “I’m basically a really happy, positive guy. You won’t see me in a bad mood. I just don’t let things bother me. If they do, I work it out and then let that rainy day pass.”

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