Meet the Team: Chris Neely

Aug 29, 2016

Meet Our Team

Title: Operations Director
Roles: Sports Lover and Operations Division Guru
A Big Visual Group Employee Since: 2010

Chris Neely is our irreplaceable Operations Director and a middle Tennessee native. Before starting his Big Visual Group career, Chris ventured around the country. When he had the opportunity to do community service out West with his church, he quickly hopped on a plane. He lived in Las Vegas for a year and a half, then resided in Reno for six months. He impacted these communities through service work and answering the needs of the locals. Sometimes his days would start by serving at a nursing home and end with working at a bird sanctuary. This guy definitely has a heart of gold and enjoys giving back to others!

Chris Neely

Once Chris found his way back to Tennessee, he started working in the signage and print industry. He began by working at Precision Sign Works in 2004 with Mark Gray. Installations, routing, car wraps, laminating, and printing were just a few of the talents that were under his belt while at Precision. In 2010, his company merged with Big Visual Group. When this transition occurred, we were lucky enough to have both Mark and Chris join our Big Visual Group team!

As a part of our crew, Chris oversees the production finishing department, maintains fleet vehicles, supervises the architectural signage department, and handles scheduling. He truly runs the show for our operations division. For Chris, no two days are the same. Being the Operations Director keeps him on his toes, and the excitement of each day is what drives his love for the business. No challenge is too big for this guy!

“I like that we keep up with technology. Our owner, Scott Snoyer, is willing to put more money upfront to make us more successful in the backend. He really sees the value in spending more to make more,” said Chris when talking about why he enjoys working at Big Visual Group.

Chris’ three little girls and his wife are the apples of his eye. When Chris needs some quality guy time, his black border collie, Zeppo, is his best buddy! He is a true sports fanatic and is a big fan of the Nashville Predators and Tennessee Titans, which makes working on these brands while at work even more enjoyable for him!

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