Meet the Team: Brenda Richardson

Feb 3, 2017

Meet Our Team

Title: Sales Consultant
Roles: Wearer of many hats, Texas native, the mother hen
Big Visual Group Employee Since: 2016

Brenda Richardson is a valuable part of the Big Visual Group sales team. She was born in El Paso, Texas, and then ventured to Arlington, Texas, at 12 years old. Brenda started working in the signage industry while in college and has gained a wealth of industry knowledge throughout the years. After responding to an ad for a creative layout position at the local flea market, she got her first glimpse into the world of crafting signage. This weekend job taught her creative design and signage layout. She became well versed in cut vinyl projects for her clientele. Once college was over, Brenda tackled the signage world again by working at FASTSIGNS in various roles from production to managing the signage needs of the Texas Rangers. In Brenda’s words, she “learned the business from the back of the house to the front of the house!”

Brenda Richardson

About a year ago, Brenda made her way to Music City and was greeted by 9 inches of snow in Nashville! Once she was settled in, she began her Big Visual Group career. When asked to take us through a day in the life of Brenda, she just giggled and said that every day is simply different. Brenda said, “People generally come to Big Visual Group to solve problems. My job encompasses having to be creative, along with finding solutions, which I love to do. I’m a ‘mother hen,’ so I like taking care of everyone!”

“I like that we have so much under our roof, and we can do everything from architectural signage design to installation. We’re a very patient company and cater to our different types of clients,” said Brenda.

Brenda loves interacting with her clients and catering to their needs. She particularly likes meeting her clients in person when she can because, “once you meet people face to face, you get to know them better. You have a different connection. At Big Visual Group, we really care about our client relationships.”

When Brenda is not hard at work, you might find her at a Nashville Predators game or other local events. She has grown to love this city that she says is full of “hills, greenery, and super friendly people!” We’re very happy Brenda joined us in Tennessee, too.

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