September 5, 2016

From Concept to Completion: Hole 5 Bar

Turning Your Vision into A Reality!

At Big Visual Group, we don’t have too many projects come through that are completely custom. Yet, when we do, everyone on the team gets excited, as it is a chance for us to pull out all of the stops and make a really cool sign, which is exactly what happened when this opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago.

Samantha Pyle, a close friend to Big Visual Group, wanted to give her home bar some extra pizzazz and came to us with an idea for a golf sign print that she had sketched out. Initially, Sam presented her idea to our Creative Director, Ryan Payne, with a rough sketch, dimensions that the sign needed to stay within, a picture of where it was going to be hung, and pictures of her bar for design inspiration. Ryan saw the potential of how awesome a sign like this could be and decided to turn this print into a highly crafted three-dimensional sign.

To start off the design process, Ryan sat down with Cassie Isenhower-Coon, who is another one of our talented in-house designers, and sketched out nine different ideas for the project. Out of those nine, Cassie and Ryan picked the two options that they liked the most and sent both of the sketches to Sam. After Sam finalized which design she wanted, Ryan and Cassie began digitally building the sketch inside Adobe Illustrator. They came up with 3-4 color ways (variations in the color palette), and once a color way was decided on, Cassie then created a production drawing so the people actually building the sign would know where all the colors went and how thick each of the different pieces needed to be. Once the production drawing was complete, Cassie sent it over to Jimmy Allen in our Architectural Sign Division to get the sign set up for production.

Original Drawing

Jimmy started the production process by using Blender 3D to design a 3D mockup of the sign. In Blender, Jimmy took each layer of the sign and positioned them according to the mockup. Once everything was set up in Blender, Jimmy then gathered the materials for the sign — acrylic and HDU (high density urethane) — and production commenced!

3D Rendering

After the routing of the sign was complete, it was time for our master painter, Chief, to mix up some colors and get to painting. To prepare the sign for paint, Chief had to scuff up the acrylic, tie bond it for an hour, then lightly scuff it again. This process ensures that the coats of paint stick and look smooth. After a couple of hours of preparation, Chief began the process of spray painting the sign. About four hours later, the sign was finished!

Hole 5 Bar’s Dimensional Letters
Hole 5 Bar’s Dimensional “5”
Progress on Hole 5 Bar Sign
Hole 5 Bar’s Dimensional Golf Ball

The end result turned out even better than we had expected, and our hopes were already high to begin with. Sam couldn’t have been happier with her new sign, and we had a lot of fun working on it. With this project, along with every other project we work on, we tried to make something unique and special — something that both Sam and Big Visual Group could be proud of. We went about making the sign in a more artisanal way, and the people who worked on the project really poured their passion and creativity into their craft. When it comes to our expertise in crafting superior signage, Sam’s “Hole 5 Bar” golf sign is a great representation of the time, effort, and energy we put into every project.

Finished Hole 5 Bar Sign
Hole 5 Bar Sign in its New Home