May 23, 2017

Choosing the Right Construction Site Signs for the Job

Nashville is booming, y’all. The numerous cranes lining the skyline are a sign of this progress. Everywhere you look there is some type of construction or new building going up. No doubt that all the fencing, scaffolding and concrete/steel skeletons can be ugly, but by branding the site you can turn eyesores into eye candy.

Ways to Brand a Construction Site

Custom Fence Banners

Typically printed on a mesh material, our construction fence banners are durable, porous and digitally printed. They’ll hide the mess while delivering high-impact advertising.

Construction Barricade Wraps

At Big Visual Group, we are able to wrap all types of temporary barricades inside or out. These are a great way to give those passing by an idea of what’s to come in the space.

Building Wraps

When you’re driving by on the highway or taking in the panoramic views at you favorite rooftop bar, an impressive building wrap is hard to miss. With our expertise in large format printing, we can handle the biggest building wraps out there from design and production to installation.

Construction Site Signs and Banners

Our flatbed printers are warmed up and ready to create your message on either wood, metal or plastic. Some of our most popular products are the in-ground post and panel site signs. If you need something more portable or temporary, consider a custom outdoor banner printed on durable vinyl or mesh. Typically printed with UV-cured inks, which combines quality with durability, Big Visual Group can produce construction banners at almost any size, printing up to 16 feet wide in one piece or using our RF welder to join multiple pieces together.

Reasons to use custom fence construction barriers, banners, signs and building wraps

1. Safety

In many cases, construction fence wraps and barricades are required by law to protect workers and passersby at a work site. They keep people out of dangerous zones and help minimize dust and debris from littering areas outside the site.

2. Appeal

What color comes to mind when think of construction? It’s that hideous blaze orange. Sure, sometimes you need it to help set objects apart from their surroundings, but often times you can wrap fence and barriers with pleasing and beautiful graphics. For example, a “coming soon” sign or a rendering of the future property will satisfy the curiosity of community members who are all asking, “I wonder what’s going there?”

3. Drive an Action

While simply creating awareness and a presence with signs, sometimes you might want to ask a little more of the traffic passing by your location. Some examples:

  • Lease Space Here
  • See More Online
  • Join Now and Save

After all, the building may not be ready, but you are probably renting out space, taking reservations, accepting memberships or whatever it is that you do. Might as well let people know about with the unique and effective advertising opportunities a construction site offers.

We’re all in on making Nashville a more vibrant and beautiful city, even as it experiences construction growing pains. We’d love to work with you on the design, production and installation of whatever it is you need. Contact us today to break ground on the project.