June 30, 2016

Building Brand Consistency

Consistency — What You Want for Your Brand.

At Big Visual Group, brand consistency is of the utmost importance for any project our clients entrust to us.

The first step in keeping a consistent brand is to refer to the company’s brand standards, which detail how the logo can be used, which typefaces and colors are applicable, logo application and usage rules, and so on. Our entire design staff is well-versed when it comes to consulting brand standards and understanding do’s and don’ts for the particular client.

“Something you get from Big Visual is design savvy and sensibilities. We know what your desired brand guidelines are, and we work hard to ensure that we never create anything that will compromise the integrity of the brand as our goal is to strengthen your image and message,” said Ryan Payne, Creative Director.

For the brand itself, Big Visual excels at the fine details of brand consistency. For example, when picking out the media (paper, fabric, glass, vinyl, etc.) for the logo to be printed on, Big Visual pays close attention to the essence of the company so we can provide the right aesthetic to complement it. If your brand is more earth-friendly, Big Visual will choose recyclable or reusable materials to fulfill the brand’s mission and satisfy them ethically. If you work with handmade crafts, Big Visual would choose a more natural, less refined piece of media to give your brand a more “artisan” feel. No matter the case, from designing, printing, and selecting media, Big Visual ensures that everything falls in line with the brand’s story and aesthetic.

Two examples of Big Visual’s brand-building work can be seen with Innovative Mattress Solutions and Asurion.

Innovative Mattress Solutions

Big Visual handles all of the branding for Innovative Mattress Solutions, a mattress supply chain. Innovative Mattress Solutions has 159 stores in six states. Big Visual’s job is to effectively and consistently brand each store to the company’s brand standards.

The process: the client supplied Big Visual with a brand package complete with sale posters, window posters, rack cards for inventory, and more. Big Visual then producing and delivering all items.

Big Visual utilizes small, medium and large-format printers to produce all items. The trick here is to ensure that all of the printers’ color profiles match, so even if signs or posters are printed on different printers, they look identical in color. Big Visual is G7-certified to guarantee that this is always the case.

“When working with Innovative Mattress Solutions, everyone in the shop becomes a brand ambassador, ensuring that the client’s brand is always accurately represented. Our creative and production teams stay in constant contact, ensuring that the final product is up to our standards when it leaves our shop,” Payne said.


After launching a company rebranding effort, Big Visual worked closely with Asurion to create and produce consistent brand elements for all locations. Things considered for guaranteed consistency included:

  • The same materials were utilized at each location
  • Wall graphics were designed with a consistent look and feel, realizing the finished product size would vary by location
  • ​All ADA and way finding signage was kept uniform

By working closely wth the client and following the new standards that had been set, Big Visual was able to keep all branding across all locations consistent, leaving the client pleased with the end result.