April 21, 2017

Why Magnetic Display Signage is Sticking in Today’s Marketplace

In today’s competitive marketplace, you don’t always need professional installation to get professional results. Magnetic display signage is proof. With their ease of use, magnetic display signage allows you to easily use multiple point-of-purchase retail graphics to attract timely interest, encourage message retention, and drive sales for your products.

Why Use Magnetic Display Signage?

In contrast to snap-in channel bars or fragile locking/locating display systems, magnetic display signage uses magnetic receptive surfaces that can hold a series of printed images or messages that are simple to change as needed, which can make a customer’s in-store experience compelling and focused on their needs or wants. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, your brand’s messaging can be showcased in fun and innovative ways.

How Can You Use Magnetic Display Signage?

From event exhibits to retail decor, magnetic receptive graphics can effectively promote your products using a variety of textures and designs, including smooth writeable surfaces, wood grain finishes, and more. Magnetic graphics are easy set to up and tear down during trade show events too. When used for interior decor, the high standard of graphics, along with a seamlessness in layering images or textures, makes magnetic displays perfect for promoting messaging and branding in house.

Who Should Use Magnetic Display Signage?

All types of businesses, including corporations, retailers, and restaurants can greatly benefit from the use of magnetic display signage. With interchangeable magnetic graphics, retailers can easily promote timely sales, special deals, discounts, and new products. Restaurants can quickly transition between breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu boards, as well as adding or removing menu items. Corporate offices can keep employees informed on company news, policies, events, or meetings, in addition to creating fun and inviting interior aesthetics for employees and visitors. Any type of business who regularly exhibits at trade shows can use magnetic receptive bases to display graphics, industry-specific graphics, and company branding before shows or events.

While the options for magnetic display signage are endless, it’s always helpful to talk to our experts, who are ready to help you meet your signage needs. Contact us today to discuss your project!