May 3, 2016

What to Look for When Hiring a Designer

Before you pitch an idea to your designer or creative agency, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of the elements of effective designs for branding, signage, and print products. Once you do, you’ll be able to brainstorm more strategic graphics and visuals, improving your audience’s engagement.

At Big Visual, our visual identity experts understand the complexity of choosing the right design for your business’ needs. Everyone has a personal taste that’s particular to their own experiences. While individual taste can be a valuable asset in the design process, it is more important to consider what will most appeal to your potential customers or clients. Ask yourself: what does this audience need, and how can I make it easy for them to find a solution?

To see what’s working and what to avoid in your market, start by considering the look of other designs in your industry. Research successful competitors and take note of the colors, fonts, and other visual elements they’ve used in their branding and graphics. For example, blue is a predominant branding color in healthcare. So, if you are in the healthcare industry, it would help to explore different shades of blue that you like and ask your designer to help guide your decision. A designer will also help you land on a unique secondary color to complement your blue. It is often better to bend what works, rather than break it. This will help to better position your brand and increase credibility in your industry.

All of our in-house designers are experts in the basics of color theory, color psychology, and how certain colors fit into the marketplace. As signage and graphics industry professionals, we also specialize in designs that prioritize a hierarchy of information to showcase the most important messages in the most visible, eye-catching, and legible way. This allows our signs to cater to an audience that may just glance at the message and need to immediately comprehend the take-away.

Our agency-level, in-house design team has worked on a wide variety of custom designed projects, including logo design, rebrands, collateral design, environmental branding packages, large format signage design, custom wall art designs, and much more. With the latest in printing technology, we’re also able to produce all custom designed products with maximum efficiency.

With so many design options, including freelance, agency, and do-it-yourself design tools, where do you start? We asked our Creative Director, Ryan Payne, to share his advice on hiring the right designer for your brand. These were his top two tips:

  1. Always ask for a design portfolio. This will allow you to see if their work is at your company’s taste level and stylistically matches your needs. You’ll also want to make sure whoever you hire has had the experience and competency to deliver what you need.
  2. Do your research. You get what you pay for. If you want a long-term, thoughtful design process, and not just a file attachment, do your research on the designer or agency so you can invest with confidence. Check out their competitors and clients. Don’t just look for pretty and creative. Instead, look for a designer who produces design that is strategic and appropriate for your line of work.

Ready to kick start your rebrand, logo, or visual project? Request a quote to begin working with our design team today.

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