January 11, 2018

Small Trade Show Displays: Set the Table

People think of trade show displays, and images of grandiose and extravagant setups come to mind. If you have the budget, then hanging structures, modular displays, and big digital displays provide great eye candy, but a lot of business deals have been conducted and closed among fold-up tables pitched inside of exhibit halls, too. Truth be told, keeping things simple for portability, clear messaging, and budget sake could be better when it comes to trade show displays. It doesn’t get much simpler than a great looking tabletop display.

Here are some best practices for designing your tabletop display.

1. Use Big Images

As a trade show display scales down in size, so does the opportunity for using a series of images. Instead, choose one big captivating photo that grabs attention and tells a strong visual story of how your product or service solves their problem.

2. Add a Custom Table Throw and Runner

Bigger isn’t always better, but no matter the size of your trade show display, it needs to look professional. Table runners and throws give you a refined look. It’s an easy and affordable way to brand and market your company at a trade show.

3. Reduce Clutter

We mean two types of clutter in particular – physical clutter like brochures, catalogs and business cards cluttering up your space and design clutter like too much text on graphics. Keep the environment organized by utilizing literature stands, low profile shelves, etc. Everything you intend to handout should have a dedicated place to keep it.

4. Embrace Technology

A tablet that attendees can use to give you their email can do a lot to reduce the aforementioned clutter. Look, they are going to be taking home a stack of catalogs. Why not take down their email and send them a note with your catalog a couple days after the trade show? It’s a good chance to make another impression and keep the conversation going after the trade show ends.

5. Enhance Graphics with Lighting

One overlooked but huge design element is lighting. It will attract visitors to your booth like moths to a…well, light. Lights will help your graphics pop to ensure they get the attention they deserve.

Here at Big Visual Group, we are experts in designing and producing trade show booth designs, no matter the size. We will help design your setup and steer you through the process so you don’t succumb to any pitfalls. When it comes to creating a great trade show display, size doesn’t matter as much as a professional. As a full-service sign and print shop, we’re here to help you design and produce an economical and stunning trade show booth.

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